Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is it me?

I thought of an idea for a new sitcom today.

A woman in her mid-40's is once again unemployed. She's a bit snarky, a bit overweight, a bit anal retentive, a bit opinionated.

She's had several different jobs in her lifetime. All of them have ended in her being "terminated" in one way or another.

Sometimes it's her fault - mouthing off at a superior. Stealing office supplies. Playing games on her computer. Sending out photo shopped pictures of her boss in non-flattering ways. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Standing up for herself.

Other times it's not: lay offs, re-orgs, downsizing, relocating, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The show will open up with her getting ready for her first day at a new job. She eats her breakfast, her grown daughter comes down to wish her luck and dashes off her in Anne Taylor suit to a corner office job somewhere (but still lives with Mom). Her partner (male or female) in a gesture of "good luck" packs a lunch for her and gives her a kiss.

You love her. You hate her. You side with her or you don't. She has bosses that are idiots, co-workers who are lazy, police officers who seem to always catch her when she is already late for work, office managers who count every paper clip and every sticky note pad.

Her family and friends mean every thing to her. She is a good Mom, a pretty good cook and a great friend. She speaks her mind, has a razor sharp wit and sarcasm is never wasted with her. Unfortunately her mouth can be a bit faster than her brain and gets her into trouble a lot.

She has had a LOT of jobs. From dishwasher, burger flipper, truck driver, postal worker, Supermart greeter, crossing guard, school bus driver, beautician, masseuse, dog catcher, secretary, sales person, office manager....you name it.

The show would take you through her different attempts to get meaningful employment and why it never seems to go right for her.

She starts to wonder: Is it me?

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