Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lot's to do. Some running around, some homework.

Got up at 5:30 and it feels good to be back to my old schedule again. I got real used to getting up at 8:00 or 9:00 AM. Puppies are great alarm clocks.

So, while I pitch my idea to the networks, where I"m SURE it will be picked up I am trying to figure out who to cast.

A little Julia Sugarbaker mixed in with Rosanne Barr for the lead. (scary, but that's what I picture). She's a bit on the heavy side, but was a knock out when she was younger. She's smart and has a lot of skills (obviously) but trouble finds her wherever she goes. (Maybe a Suzanne Sugarbaker). She needs to pull of slapstick well. We don't have enough of that on TV today. When she's not working she wears big T-shirts and baggy sweat pants, but when she dresses up for an interview she looks good!

The daughter: Zoe Dechanel would be perfect. Quirky and odd but smart.

Partner: Hmmmm, if I were to go same sex partner I'd have to go with someone who was kind of femme and loves the lead character in spite of herself. Kind of like Wilma Flintstone. If I were to go on the male partner, maybe a "mans man". Doesn't understand why the wife wants to work, he's a construction worker or mechanic or something. Wants her to stay home and take care of the house, she would rather have bamboo shoots under her fingernails than stay home. (she knows she'll get hooked on soaps and she's afraid the other stay at home wives/Moms will have her assimilated into one of them)

Best friend/next door neighbor - single, goes out a lot. Has kids that are too super smart and are always finding ways to teach their Mom how to be a "Mom". (Kind of like Sapphie on AbFab)

Burbs or city living? Hmmmmm...not sure of that one. Maybe a small historic town where you live right next to each other and know everything about each other. A local village where everything is within walking distance but still metropolitan enough to have some small office buildings around.

Someone said this sounds a lot like I Love Lucy. Yeah, I guess it kind of does.

Ok, so the idea isn't original, but it would be fun to see something like it again on TV.


dive said...

Go for it, Shazza!
I used to love Lucy when I was a kid and I'd happily buy a TV to watch your show.

Shazza said...
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Shazza said...

Thanks Dive - it's fun to let the imagination run wild at times.

Lucy was a classic - she still makes me smile!

neetzy said...

I think you're on to something sis. Everyone loved Lucy. People also loved the designing women and Roseanne. You need those "in yo face" kinda women.