Monday, March 22, 2010

Acts of Stupidity

I had some random thoughts earlier today, but unfortunately they go as fast as they come. If I don't catch them right away, it could be days, weeks before they come back.

Instead I bring you some wonderful Acts of Stupidity I found in the news today.

If you ever needed proof that people are getting dumb and dumber by the day let me introduce you to Elbert Lewis Thompson II. (Elbert - people actually named him that! And he's the II! Oy!)

At the ripe age of 20 years old, Mr. Thompson II is wanted for armed robbery. A shining star! A pillar of the community!

Police captured Mr. Thompson for a traffic violation and brought him into the hospital because he claimed he was not feeling well and then fell unconscious. The police then brought Mr. Thompson to the hospital for treatment.

Mr. Thompson obviously woke up very thirsty, because walked out of the hospital and into a bar. The police (who were obviously on a coffee break) later found him sitting at the bar in his hospital gown and his IV still attached to his arm.

I wander what Mr. Elbert Lewis Thompson I thinks of his son?

"That's my boy!"

The best story comes from Kennewick, WA.

A 17 year old youth (whose name is withheld because of his stupidity would be an embarrassment to his family) broke into a furniture store. During the 5 hours he was there, he logged into the business's computer, checked out his MySpace account, watched a bit of porn and then tried to sell some stolen items! (I found some really cool office chairs on ebay CHEAP!)

They should add extra time to his sentence just for being a dumb ass.


neetzy said...

This is why we teachers have been told we can give no less than 50% to failing students.

the only daughter said...

I had and uncle (by marriage) named Elbert. He and my aunt named the first born Elbert. Who, in turned named his first born (son) Elbert. Who, in turn . . . yep, named his first born (son) Elbert. I think the line of Elberts ended there. One can only hope.

8thdayplanner said...

If you're interested in even more stupidity, check out the Darwin Awards at

Really - it never ends.

Anonymous said...

it's wonder, not wander. And, furthermore, stupidity and desperation are two separate acts but I wont bore you with such trivialities, go do your homework if you can find a place for your books on that high horse, kiddo.

Shazza said...

Ohhhhhhh some anonymouse reader has got his/her panties in a knot now don't they?

Thanks for stomping by Anon - glad you're enjoying my blog!