Monday, March 01, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Do di do do

The church bell version of this song was playing from the library clock tower at my community college as I was walking to class this morning.

Normally I can never figure out what song is playing. I guess I thought it was always some kind of traditional church bell type music.

Why I would think that I don't know, but I did.

I smiled recognizing the song, then I thought - yikes! Beatles songs are now being played on bell towers.

It was the same reaction I had when I heard a muzak version of a Rolling Stones song in an elevator.

Really weird.

Sympathy for the Devil in bells would be fun though wouldn't it?

This may even fit into WTF Monday over on Dive's Small Glass Planet blog.

Appropriately though, we have a nice sunny day here in NJ. It's about 48 and a little windy but the sun is nice and warm.

The pups and I sat outside in the backyard for a bit just soaking in the rays. Our own light therapy.

Now I want a nap!

I hope it's warm and sunny where you are.



8thdayplanner said...

The Beatles from bell towers, Rolling Stone musak, the Who doing the Super Bowl half time show . . . it is a bit of a mind f#ck isn't it?

It's sunny here too. And the light is changing so even though the ground is still sonw covered, it is beginning to feel like Spring.

dive said...

Weird, Shazza.
On Saturday morning I was standing in the pouring rain watching a totally inept street theatre performance when the busker just along the street started playing this very song. We all stood around in the torrential downpour grinning like fools. It's a song that cannot fail to bring on a smile.

the only daughter said...

Sun, heh. It's shining bright as a button here but still cold. One site claimed 41F. Another put it at 35.1 F. It feels closer to 31.

Still, I'll think sunny thoughts. Everyone has their hopes pinned on the projected temps for Sunday...50. SUN day indeed.

Glad you had a bit of a reprieve. :)

Scout said...

Here Comes the Sun from a bell tower IS quite surprising, but I think I like it. It sounds like the person in charge has a nice sense of humor.