Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Cody's fault

This is Cody:

Cute little bugger isn't he? He's gotten much bigger since this picture was taken, but so have his ears so he isn't too photogenice at the moment.

He's the reason I've been using lately.

I can't clean the house because I have to watch Cody.
I can't do my homework right now because I have to watch Cody.
I can't take the big dogs out for a nice long walk because I have to watch Cody.

This all translates into: I haven't gotten off my increasingly sizable butt because I've been using a 16 week old puppy as an excuse.

As excuses go, this is at least the cutest one I've used, but as someone once told me long ago: "Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink!"

How true.

I'm going through one of those cycles. Once called "bi-polar" I call it "this is how life goes, up and down so just get freakin' used to it".

The upswing is starting to kick into gear - thankfully.

I checked my biorythm (because they are so accurate don't cha know) and this is what it looks like for today:

Looking at this chart one can see that emotionally and intellectually I'm on a downswing - but my physical cycle is gearing up.

I interpret that as don't try to talk about anything I don't konw anything about, don't look at me cross-eyed or I'm likely to break out into tears and any given moment, BUT I could probably rearrange my living room, clean the house, do the laundry, take the dogs for a walk, go for a run (ha), and leap tall buildings in a single bound all in one day.

Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

I did a post back in June about things I wanted to work on with myself (here's the post if you're interested:

Looking back at that post I see I've come full cycle just about. Looking back at my biorythm for that day and it kind of looked like this:

It seems my physical and intellectual self was on an upswing but my emotional self was crashing.

What does this all mean?

Nothing really.

Well nothing that I didn't know before. I go through cycles just like everyone else where you either feel: Really, really good, really good, good, not so good, bad, really bad and then really, really bad.

I should make a little Shazza psycho meeter so I can post it up on my white board and keep track of that!


Anyway - Cody has been my excuse lately - and now it's time to wipe off my asshole, put a little powder on and get moving.


"There's an abvious attraction
To the path of least resistance in your life
There's an obvious aversion no amount of my insistance
Could make you try tonight

'Cause it's easy not to
So much easier not to"

"Wake Up" by Alanis Morissette

Here is a link to the Biorythm calculator that I used if you want to check it out:


dive said...

Spring is coming, Shazza (though you'd never guess it looking at all this smegging snow).
Soon Cody will be taking you for walks and things will look much brighter.
Hang in there.

Shazza said...

Hey Dive, yes I know. We are starting to see the ground here now that the snow has melted more. The patches of green are a welcomed sight.
I'm sitting in a sunny room soaking up all of the light I can and I feel more cheerful already!

neetzy said...

Cody is just so darned cute! Where do you get those bio-rhythm thingies?

I actually can see the ground today and it is MUD!

Heehee my word verification is: CRAZINE!

Shazza said...

This is the one I used Anita:

Have fun!