Thursday, February 25, 2010

Four letter words


Another Nor'easter is coming through dumping another 6 - 12 inches on us.


We were just beginning to see the ground after the other 2 storms.

W-I-N-D - this storm will also have near hurricane force winds blowing around tree limbs with wet heavy snow on them. Candles and flashlights are on the ready.

B-A-K-E Days like this are made for baking. I may have enough ingredients to whip together some chocolate chip cookies, maybe a few scones and if I am feeling particularly adventurous - home made bread.

C-O-O-K - I think am also going to make broccoli canneloni's for dinner tonight. The home made bread will go very well with that!

W-O-R-K - poor Margie had to go to work. The snow isn't expected to get bad until later this afternoon/evening. I just hope it doesn't get real bad for her drive home.

P-R-A-Y - for Margie, Caitlin and Rick to get home safely tonight.

D-O-G-S - snow+dogs=wet paw prints all over my house.

P-O-O-P - I need to pick up all of the dog poop in the back yard before it gets covered up. Nothing like walking a puppy in the snow and stepping in a little surprise.

D-R-A-W - I may make this an art day too. I have been playing with Sharpies! I love them!

H-O-M-E It's good to be home on crappy days like today.

S-A-F-E - stay safe and warm where ever you are!


8thdayplanner said...

What happened to C-O-D-Y ? What does that little dog do in 6 - 12 inches of snow?

Enjoy your coziness!

presbyfruit said...

Great video, Shazz! We're expecting the same amount, but I'm a little dubious. I just stocked up on Mad Men DVD's so I'm all set to be snowed in (or not).

Shazza said...

8th - Cody waits for me to dig out a path for him so he can do what he does best: pee!

Presby - Enjoy your DVD's either way!

the only daughter said...

pretty, so long as one doesn't have to be out in it.

fav four: bake. cook.


neetzy said...

Our snow didn't amount to much. We did get a snow day due to all the drifting of the "old" snow. I needed a snow day to get ready for my show. Doug and Delaney made bread!