Wednesday, February 03, 2010

First Time Meme

This Meme I stole from 8th Day Planner - it's one I haven't seen before so I thought I would play along.

Meme - The First Time

1. When was your first kiss?
In the back of the school bus coming home from kindergarten with Danny Orth. My Mom had to come and break us up. We were hiding!

2. When did you first start buying holiday or birthday gifts for other people and stop thinking about what people would buy for you?
Oh...this is horrible, I still think about what people will buy for me and then I have this tremendous guilt because I worry that I didn't get a gift for them that will equal the gift that they will give me...even though I don't know what it is.
Catholic guilt will really screw you up for life!

3. When was the first time you thought of yourself not as a kid/teen, but as an adult? When I could legally buy alcohol. I felt like such a big shot!

4. What do you remember about the first time you drove a car?
My Dad let me drive down our street. I was really surprised how sensitive everything was! Steering is not like you see on TV or the movies where the steering wheel goes crazy back and forth. The brake was a lot of fun...nearly put my Dad through the windshield!

5. Tell me about your first pet.
I think our first official pet was Firequacker the duck. I don't remember too much about him really. Only that he pooped a lot.

6. What was your first job?
Paying job - cashier at McDonalds. I went vegetarian for a year while working there. It was pretty disgusting.
Non-paying job - working at the local community theatre doing odds and ends. To this day it was the best job ever. I even got paid a few times!

7. Who was the first teacher to make a positive impact on your life?
Mr. Shields - 12th grade U.S. History teacher. He was the first teacher who I ever saw cry. He actually took the photos of my wedding.

8. If you’ve lived in more than one house or apartment as an adult, tell me about your first one.
I will use the 1st place I ever lived in by myself. I was 34, divorced, just recently came out and moved out of my 1st G/f's place. It was a little tiny 1 bedroom place above a store that I thought was my very first peace of heaven.

9. What was it like the first time you got drunk (assuming you remember).
I was at my first party in high school. I had 2 beers and I remember how heavy my feet felt all of a sudden and how everything was so hysterical. I also remember making out with some boy behind a bush and getting "felt up" for the first time. I wasn't too thrilled with it.

10. Did you marry your first love?


8thdayplanner said...

You're definitely the first one I've read who had a duck as a first pet. Thanks for playing.

neetzy said...

I remember Firequacker! He stared at himself in the sliding glass and pooped! Danny Orth?