Friday, October 16, 2009

They're baaaaaack - again

Those pesky little critters!


So far they seem to be in our garage only. Usually we get them in the basement as well, but I haven't been down there to properly inspect the place since our new roommates have moved in.

They were freaking out over crickets, can you imagine if they knew there were mice down there too?

In the past I have used snap traps, glue traps (horrible, I do not recommend them) and poison. I have even tried gizmos that are supposed to kill the mouse and then keep it in one container so you don't see it.

Usually one of the above techniques work. Except for that last one. What a waste of money that was.

This year the mouse population in my neighborhood have put up little bulletins in their little mouse dens and have spread the work that I am out to get them because they have alluded capture so far.

First was the snap traps. I tried Cheese Whizz- they licked it clean off without setting off the trap. Then came the peanut butter - I thought it would be a bit sticker and hard to lick off. They licked that off too! One little bugger not only licked the peanut butter off the trap but it must have gotten caught on his/her tail and they dragged the trap to the middle of the garage and left it there. No sign of blood so I don't think it was injured.

Getting really ticked off now.

I put two glue traps down. I really don't like these because the mice get stuck to the glue and basically starve to death and you have to pick that trap up and throw it away eventually. It's not humane in my mind, but I am getting determined.

Two days...nothing but a few little mouse droppings around the glue traps.

I tried to put a dab of peanut butter in the middle of the trap and do you know that little varmint licked the peanut butter clean off the glue trap without getting stuck!!! one trap actually had some pieces of insulation on top of the glue so it wouldn't be sticky.

I even think I see a little teenie tiny, itty bitty, little teenie tIIIIny (think of Emily Litela people).....paw print on the adhesive.

You can just make them out in this picture!



This is one smart little mouse.

I have to say I am very impressed with his evasive maneuvers!
BUT I am the human - I am "supposed" to have a superior brain!

Now this is personal.

Now I feel like Wyle E. Coyote chasing after the Road Runner. (looking for the ACME anvil to drop on my head any moment)

:::drumming fingers:::

I would try the catch and release traps but I have heard that mice can find their way back to your house unless you take them far, far, FAR away.

With my luck I'll let it go in the woods and he'll tell all his little mice friends and next thing you know I'll have a Willard situation on my hands.

Any tips, tricks, helpful hints from Heloise will be considered!

Stay tuned...the saga continues.

Maybe I can hire this guy:


Poetikat said...

Get a bucket. Fill 1/2 way with water. Put a small plank of wood leading up to it. Splash! No more mouse.
If that doesn't work, rent "Mousehunt" and have a really good laugh!

Shazza said...

Someone else gave me that same solution!

I will give it a try and let you know what happens!

Anonymous said...
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neetzy said...

We had a major problem with them at our old house. I called Orkin. We wasted a lot of money. Dad still complains about the little mouse turds in our pull-out sofa. Get that expanding spray foam and spray it into all your little openings.

The only thing that keeps the population down here is Eddie. Cats are the best!

Chuck said...

Why would they starve to death? The only reason for that is because you are letting them (eg not checking for days). Frequent checking of the glue traps and humanely killing the animal would prevent this.

Or better yet, not using glue traps at all.

presbyfruit said...

We've got them too, but our terriers suck at catching them. I've decided to coexist peacefully, even though mouse poop grosses me the hell out.

Sorry, I don't really have any solution.