Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dive's 500 Word Challenge

Dive over at Small Glass Planet has a challenge he posts every week. He provides a sentence and if you're up for it you write a 500 word essay and the sentence has to be included.

Here is this week's sentence:

"Witchcraft once started, as we all know, is virtually unstoppable."

Here is my entry:

A Witch Named Fred -

In his cubicle Fred sat working on yet another boring report that his troll of a manager had demand he get to her “As soon as possible!”
Everything with her was “As soon as possible.”
Murmuring under his breath and wondering why she can’t print her own damned reports Fred’s thoughts wandered off. It was late October, the leaves were changing colors. Driving to work he saw all of the houses decorated for Halloween. He remembered as a child he wanted to dress up like a witch one year.
“A witch?” his mother shrieked and laughed. “Boys can’t be witches Fred. Don’t be ridiculous. How about Freddy Krueger instead. It suits your name! You can use your brother’s costume from last year. It may be a little big on you but it’s only for one night.”
Fred didn’t want to be Freddy Krueger. Freddy was mean and evil. Witches were cool with their magical powers. Besides his older brother Thomas was disgusting. Overweight and lazy and a mouth breather. They shared the same room since they were babies and Fred knew the reason he was tired all of the time was because Thomas snored and farted in his sleep constantly.
“Actually Mother, boys CAN be witches, although they are called Warlocks.” Freddy answered his mother impassively.
That was the last year Fred went out Trick or Treating. The Freddy Krueger mask smelled like rotten eggs and it was stained with chocolate and god knows what else. He was horrified. If he couldn’t be a Warlock for Halloween he wouldn’t go out at all.
“One day…I’ll be at witch and you’ll all be sorry” he cried into his pillow as he fell asleep that All Hallows Eve.
“Necromancer! Necromancer! Where is that damned report. I needed it yesterday!” his boss screeched from the other side of the room.
Fred snapped out of his day dream.
She was only about 4’9” tall and you could barely make out the top of her head over the cubicles as she was roaming around the office.
“I’m sending it to you now.” Replied Fred not even trying to disguise the annoyance in his voice.
“Sending it? Sending it how? I need that report printed and on my desk. I have a meeting that I am supposed to be at 5 minutes ago…I need it NOW!”
Fred felt a growing burning inside him. He stood up, aimed his #2 pencil at his boss and shouted: “I wish you would just shut up and print your own damn reports you little troll!”
“Ugh! Do I have to do EVERYTHING around here myself” sighed his boss and went to her computer and actually printed the report and left to go to the meeting.
Was it him or did her nose seem to grow a bit bigger and her ears a little pointier?
He sat down, shaking…but grinned.
This felt good, very good!
"Witchcraft once started, as we all know, is virtually unstoppable."


neetzy said...

Congratulations on meeting the challenge. I tried to do it this week, but failed miserably.

I like your unique take on this. I never would have pictured a male protagonist! Keep on writing sis!

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dive said...

Yay, you, Shazza! This is awesome, and so, so funny.