Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Waisting time

I should be cleaning - but I'm so not in the mood.

Perhaps exercise?

Nah - tomorrow. There is always tomorrow.

This is how I spent my day today!

Well, I kind of messed up the leave. I didn't like the shadow, it was really bothering me. The colors, the angles etc. Unfortunately the leaf that I used as a model for my painting kind of shriveled up and changed colors so I couldn't use it as a reference any more.

Soooooooooo...I just kind of went crazy on it and added some swirly things. I actually like this version better!

Oh...and sorry about the spelling error on the word "waisting". eh - spelling and grammar aren't my "thing".


the only daughter said...

Wasting time


I'd say, time well spent!! Bravo.

presbyfruit said...

ditto to the only daughter. Wow!

neetzy said...

I'd rather paint than clean anyday. Keep up the good work.

dive said...

Beautiful, Shazza!
Don't tell me it's autumn there already? It'll be two more months before our leaves turn that colour.

Shazza said...

Deb- Thanks for the catch on the spelling error! I didn't even notice it!

Presby - thanks!

Neetzy - and how!

Dive - only a few leaves are changing here and there.

Kate said...

And here I was expecting an entry about abdominal exercises or something! I love the swirly leaf.

Shazza said...

Hi Kate - Unfortunately that post would be titled: Abs of Flab! ;)