Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's like riding a bike

It's been over 2 years since I've painted anything other than basement walls. I was very nervous about the whole thing. Actually it was more like fear. That fear has kept me from doing something that I really enjoy.


It's not like I was jumping out of an airplane or climbing a mountain - but still the fear was there.

Minds -they do funny things sometimes.

For months I have worked hard on unblocking myself and conquering my fear. I've been reading books and other artist blogs.

Excuses kept popping up here and there and found their way between me and my paint brushes. (excuses are like assholes...everyone has one and they all stink!)

Yesterday I kept repeating the Nike mantra: Just Do It.

Just Do It, Just Do It,Just Do It,Just Do It,Just Do It.

So I did!

The first little painting was just a pop artsy kind of thing. Something I doodled on a post it note one day and thought it would look good as a painting. I got kind of sloppy with it and the lines aren't as crisp as I would like them but it was a fun warm up exercise.

The next one was an experiment in schmearing colors with a palette knife. Something I've never done before. Unfortunately I used a little too much stand oil so it came out a little runny but I think this qualifies for the blob I wanted to paint.

I like the colors at least. Kind of reminds me of my palette after I've been painting a while.

This last one was just something I wanted to try. I have always curious about portraits. I love to study faces. The small laugh lines or creases along the forehead. The cheeks and nostrils. Mouths, eyes...everything. I find them infinitely fascinating.

Rummaging around my photos I came across one of my Dad that I took when we were in Ireland. We were waiting for a shuttle to take us to the Cliffs of Moher I believe. It was misty and grey and he just stood there staring into space deep in thought. brain said...give it a go. If you don't like it, paint over it. No one will have to know!

But I like it...a lot. And I am very unforgiving about my art.

This isn't 100% finished. I just have a few touches to do, but it was getting late and my eyes were getting a bit blurry and so I stopped and will let it dry for a few days and then just add a few things.

Here he is. I hope you like him.

If you don't that's ok too. I do!

Now I have the painting bug so I will try to tackle a few more this week if I can.

Have a great weekend!


Poetikat said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! You seem to have artist's instinct runningn through your blood in your family.
I've seen a photo of your dad and this is a dead ringer, but with a real artist's touch (no K-mart- Special Art, here)!

You must keep going because you have some real talent there, Shazza.

Your pop-art piece put me in mind of the Statue of Liberty off the top of my head (and hers).

Really cool! You go, girl!


neetzy said...

Amazing, emotional, heartfelt, and convincing. You have captured our father. I have been wanting to paint him, but you beat me to the punch. Love it! Keep on painting sis! I started a portrait of mom but never finished. If I try one of Dad, don't think I'm trying to compete.

Shazza said...

Kat - thanks, I appreciate it.

Neetzy - we have different styles of would be interesting to see your view of Dad and my view of Mom. Let's give it a go. Hey...we could have a sister exhibit just never know!

dive said...

Wonderful, Shazza!
Looks like a Neetzy/Shazza Family Paint-off is coming.
I can't wait!

Maria said...

Lovely. I especially like the palette brush one. It is just so...evocative of happiness.

presbyfruit said...

I love it, too! you definitely have talent. Please do some more and share:)

Scout said...

The portrait is absolutely wonderful! Wow. And I love the colors in the schmear, too, and how they work together side by side.

I wish I could get the painting bug. I have no excuses, but laziness, which really stinks.