Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh crappy day!

So...I'm sitting here, "waisting time" by doing various job searches, looking around on Facebook, playing solitair (I've won 3 out 10 so far) and looking for some "peppy and snappy" songs to play on this very grey day. (What is the correct spelling of that word please? I always use grey and then I'm corrected to use gray)

A few Facebook pals gave me suggestions for some peppy songs: Kari suggested: And She Was by the Talking Heads...very peppy indeed.

My pal Jenni in Chicago threw in: Mr. Blue Sky by ELO...also very peppy and quite apporpriate for a crappy day!

I played them both...felt a little better for about 8 minutes or so and then I started looking around on YouTube.

I typed in: Snappy and I found the Snappy Theatre Vagina Dance!

This would definitely fall into Dive's WTF? Monday because...WTF.

There are some strange things going on in this dance.

Around 1:22 I think these vagina's get crabs. But that is just my interpretation.

Then around 2:15 I'm thinking there is a yeast infection of some kind. But again...that is just my interpretation.

But I only have one opinion...I would LOVE to hear yours!

The ending is kind of odd, but cute...but still kind of odd.


You'll have to click on the link...they've disabled the embedding...sorry:


the only daughter said...

I'll have to remember to re-visit this post and or go direct to the link when I'm home.

As for grey vs. gray either is acceptable. I think most dictionaries list the definition under g-r-a-y. g-r-e-y being a variant of the other.

There are many snappy songs that get my toes a tappin' and my fingers poppin' but of late, I can't help but wiggle and jiggle wehn I hear the Emotions' "Best of My Love". I used to go to roller rinks waaaay back and when they played this song, the joint went wild. *I* stayed rather mild since I wasn't the greatest skater, but still.. the memory of the movements, priceless.

Scout said...

From what I understand, Gray is the Americanized version of Grey, which is the British spelling.

I'm not sure I want to follow the think just right now, but maybe I'll give it a look a little later.

neetzy said...

Grey vs. Gray. I've heard that Grey is the proper way to describe a horse of a certain color. Gray was adopted by Crayola.

As for the "snappy" stuff. I just don't know what to say.

presbyfruit said...

I prefer "grey." And I have a version of Scotland the Brave that I play when I need a lift; it's very peppy and marchy.

Now, Ms. Shazza, about that Vagina Dance: Thank you. It was kinda hot, in a really weird and gross way.

Too bad the comments were dis-enabled.

dive said...

That was quite … er … charming, Shazza.

Two questions:
(1) What on earth were you searching for when You Tube threw that one at you?
(2) Just how much fun must it have been planning the choreography? Yay!

Grey is English, by the way; Gray is the weird Webster spelling.

Victor said...

I know it's goofy but when I'm having a stressful day, I like to sing "Come On Get Happy" from the Partridge Family:o) Hey! I said it was goofy!