Saturday, July 11, 2009


Just when I had the basement organized and the garage cleaned out we now have boxes piled up and chaos about the house.

:::just breath:::

I'm trying.

Luckily the weather is nice. I can go outside...take a deep breath.

The basement walls have been sealed and the framing has started. Caitlin packed most of the boxes and helped seal the walls. Rick and his Dad were here to start the framing.

Rick took a lunch break for a bit and sat with Caitlin and chatted together. I have to admit it - it was sweet to watch them together. Talking...bickering a little. They are good for each other.

This makes this transition easier.

It's still an adjustment and this is just the beginning. They haven't moved in yet.

Stay tuned!


neetzy said...

I'm glad to hear they are happy together. Are they paying for renovations and rent?

Shazza said...

We are paying for the materials. Rick and Caitlin will do all of the labor and yes they will be paying rent.

dive said...

I think you're very brave and quite possibly a little crazy, Shazza, but then I'm a non-breeder so I don't have to cope with the emotions of kids leaving home and coming back again (whew)!
Good luck!

Shazza said...

Dive - probably more crazy than brave!

Poetikat said...

A little bickering is good (speaking as a champion bickerer myself).