Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Basement project - part 1

We have begun the process of clearing out the basement so that we can convert it into an apartment for Caitlin and Rick.

It seems just a few months ago I was cleaning it to make it into my office/art space.

I worked on packing up my desk and throwing away a lot of junk. Margie organized her books and then Caitlin and Rick moved my desk and some other pieces of furniture up into her bedroom which will now become my office and our exercise room.

They got a lot done, I was surprised. Caitlin was running on the rush of the experience, Rick was just doing what he was told. (She is training him well!) Today I will clear out some more of my things and dismantle the fish tank. We are down to 1tetra. He's a survivor. He's been around for 4 years. He and his little buddy who I found floating in the tank last week, have chased/eaten any other fish we tried to introduce into that tank. I think I am going to add him to the rain barrels and see how he does. The temperature is warm enough to sustain a tropical fish and there will be lots of little mosquito larvae for him to eat.

Good luck little buddy. Thank you for many hours of lazily watching you swim back and forth in your little glass home.

For now I'm off to walk the dogs and then give them a bath. They really stink.


dive said...

Good luck with that, Shazza.

neetzy said...

Oooh. I thought Caitlin was moving "out". I guess you've gained a family member? Ah, the "circle of life".

Scout said...

So, do you think your house will be fun and full of life, or will it be invaded?

So long to the fishy. We once had a gold fish for two years, but that's about the best we've ever done with fish.

Poetikat said...

I do remember when you were shifting things around and cleaning up to make your office. It's very generous of you to give it up. Sounds like you'll have a full house. That can be fun. Keep us posted.