Monday, May 11, 2009

The Bean

Actually it's called "Cloud Gate" and is a sculpture by British sculptor (naturally) Anish Kapoor.

The first I ever heard of this was on a painting blog by Karin Jurick (she's on my artist blogs I like to visit on my side bar.

I hope that you can visit her blog to see her paintings of "the Bean" and other paintings. Even though I'm a big fan of my sister's paintings over at Negativespace I also peruse other artists blogs to see what they are doing as well!

Someday I will get back to Chicago with my trusty 35MM SLR camera loaded with black and white film to give you my perspective of "the Bean" and other great Chicago sights!

Until then - pleas check these out:


Scout said...

Chicago has so many great sights—it's one of my favorite cities.

I think "the bean" appeared after I left, unfortunately. It reflects in so many interesting ways.

neetzy said...

Next time I see you I will give you film! I have a ton in my basement refrigerator.