Monday, May 11, 2009

Back from Chicago

WE had a wonderful time!

I got to see my son graduate from Loyola University, I met his girlfriend of 2 years finally, we walked all over the place and saw lots of interesting things, we met a blog pal and just had a really nice weekend away!

Unfortunately I have so many things to catch up on today that I really can't do a full blog post but I'll leave you with a few pictures!

Here is M having a session with Bob Newhart near the Navy Pier!

My newly graduated son and his beautiful girlfriend!

Some guy doing some very odd things in Millenium park!

The Bean!

And an nice evening meeting Deborah from the Middle Girl Blog! I am in the center and M is on the right.

It was great meeting you Deborah!

We arrived back home early Sunday afternoon and just plopped. I took a nap (of course) and M watched baseball (naturally).

Now off I go to cut the grass before my neighbors complain and run a bunch of errands.

I hope all of the "Mom's" out there had a great Mother's Day!

Will catch up with everyone soon!


Poetikat said...

Love the photos! M looks a bit disturbed. (Tell her I want that shirt!) Are the couches bronze too?

Your son is one handsome lad and his girlfriend is a true beauty!Congratulations on his graduation.

It must be cool to actually meet a fellow blogger. I hope to do that someday soon.


Poetikat said...

I must add that I mean M looks disturbed strictly for the photo's purposes. Ha ha.


the only daughter said...

Congrats to newly graduate.

I too love all the pics (well, almost...;-) ) Seriously, I had a blast, hope I didn't bore you too to tears.


Shazza said...

Kat - yes the couches were bronze too! I think Bob was telling her one of his jokes and she was trying to be polite!

If ever you are in PA or NJ we'll definitely meet up with you!

neetzy said...

Your little boy is all growed up. What a mother's day! I love Bob and the bean. We saw Bob live "in concert" back in October. He's still funny.

Shazza said...

Deborah - you did NOT bore us. Quite the contrary, we look forward to meeting up with you again sometime!

Neetzy - the bean is very cool. As an artist you would really appreciate the reflextions and shadows it casts. I did not take a picture inside the bean, but it is equally as cool. Next time I will take my good ol' film camera and take some serious photos!

The Village Carpenter said...

Your son and his girlfriend make an adorable couple. :o) All the photos are great. Love the bean!

Presbyfruit said...

Yeah, I love the bean too. And your son and girlfriend are very cute!

The look on M's face is awesome. Does she know her photo is on the internet machine?

Shazza said...

Presby and Kary - the Bean is awesome and seeing it in person is really a very cool thing.

M knows she's been posted - I asked her permission ahead of time!

Maria said...

So, what do you find to talk about when you meet someone from Blogville?

Shazza said...

Maria - we talked about our kids and where we lived. Stuff we are doing with our lives etc. I am very good at asking questions because I'm extremely curious about people in general. Deborah is a great lady and if you ever get to Chicago let her know!