Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo of the week

I'm getting the photography bug again. I go in spurts with it.

M got me a very nice little digital camera for our anniversary which was very sweet and I've been playing around with it but I still love my ol' 35mm SLR. My Dad let me borrow his old 35mm as well so I usually keep one loaded with color and the other with black and white.

My color photos are OK - but I love the way black and white photographs look. I like the shadows and the moods they provoke.

This weeks photo was taken up in Stockton, NJ along the D&R Canal. It's an old structure that is slowly deteriorating. There are weeds growing along side of it and most of the windows are broken or just gone completely. It was set back off the side of the bike path a bit so I had to climb through the weeds to get the shot I wanted.


The Village Carpenter said...

That's a great shot! Black and white photography forces us to see the composition, patterns, and shadows (as you said). Color can sometimes be a distraction. Keep on shootin'!

neetzy said...

You know I'm partial to black and white. Village Carpenter said it well I am now inspired to load one of my old 35mm cameras. I will have to set up a darkroom in the basement(after we clean it out). I think your basement is a perfect place for one!