Friday, March 06, 2009

Start all over again

It's been kind of a crappy week.

First I get dumped by my employer and now they are saying that I quit - which I didn't. Actually they said it was a mutual agreement - that isn't true either. I know I didn't like the job but I was trying and I certainly don't want to be unemployed in this economy.

It's amazing how fast people can turn on you. The daughter of Frau Blucher hasn't even had the courage to say a word to me, but I am fairly certain she's writing the script for the Peep of Sales on exactly what to write. If they fight me on my unemployment claim I will have no choice but to get out the mean lil' Shazza with her Irish temper.

Then we get 12 inches of snow - which I didn't really mind too much but I'm kind of looking for warmer weather now.

Tuesday thru Wednesday I did a lot of lying about - sulking and feeling sorry for myself. It's not very attractive, but I think every once in a while it's healthy. Yesterday I got outside and took the pups for a walk and that helped clear the fog a little. Then I came home and read all of the e-mails from "those people" and got pissed off and sulky all over again. I even snapped at M last night.

That's not really like me.

I stayed up til' midnight watching the History channel - they were having a show about Hippies and the whole LSD movement of San Francisco. Very interesting. It's weird to watch people tripping out on TV.'

So I slept in until about 10:00 AM, took a shower, ate my breakfast and then took the boys out for another walk. It was about 60 degrees today and the warm temps are doing a fine job of melting all of this snow.

The boys met a lot of new doggie friends - a golden retriever named Chance, a little black terrier thing named Teddy who was only 5 months old - cute as hell, a pit bull who looked a little cautious but gave Casey a kiss on the nose (probably just getting a taste of him) and then one very weird looking dog with BIG, ears, a rat terrier face and a tail that curled up like an Akita. Weirdest looking thing I've ever seen and he was petrified of the boys. I got a good chuckle over him.

I ran a few errands: picked up dog food, picked up people food and picked up wine for the weekend.

Got home - cleaned up the dog turds and then gave my compost a toss about.

Checked and LinkedIn for any new jobs - nuthin.

Shredded a bunch of mail - that was extremely satisfying! Nothing like a little destruction to cheer you up!

Had a random thought that I should buy some rain barrels to catch all of this melting snow!

Had another random thought and wondered if I can throw the shredded paper in the compost. (yes I can)

Cleaned off the snow from the deck so it will drying out and M and I can enjoy a nice chiminea fire perhaps on Saturday sometime.

Flattened out all of the cardboard so I can take it to the recycle center tomorrow and now I'm just typing all this up before I go start dinner. I'm making pepper steak tonight. Yum!

It's after five - WINE TIME! heh, heh, heh!

So - how all have you been? I hope your week went better than mine.

Tomorrow if I have a chance I'll post some of the pictures I've been taking with the new camera. I'm having a blast with the macro settings!

I'll leave you with this song for the end of the week - it's kind of the way I feel - like a maniac or maybe I'm just manic and need to up my meds. Who the hell knows!

Have a great weekend all!



the only daughter said...

I'm sorry they're being such...icks.

Thanks for the J Beals flashback moment. Yum.


Tammy said...

Hang in there Shazza, it will get better and don't let them screw you out of unemployment - they owe you that. Hopefully spring is just around the corner and you can get some sunshine and get in the yard and things will start to look up just a tad. Take care.

neetzy said...

What a couple of bi-otches!
These women deserve to get their butts sued!

On a brighter felt like spring today!

Shazza said...

Hey Deb - that flashback can help boost up any mood!

Tammy - Thank you very much. I don't think they will, but if they do I will appeal it.

Neetz - well, I'm not the suing type but I will fight them if they try to deny my benefits and luckily I have a lot in writing that will help my cause. I still can't beleive how toxic that place is. nasty

The Village Carpenter said...

Things will start to look up soon—there's something better for you out there. We'll be sending you positive thoughts!