Sunday, March 08, 2009

The times they are a changin'

Literally - we "sprang" forward today and lost and hour somewhere.

I don't understand the whole time change thing or why it is necessary. It just messes things up as far as I am concerned.

But that is just my opinion.

We had a very warm day here in NJ. Temps reached into the 70's today and all the snow from Monday's storm is gone. I even got a bit of a sun burn on my arms!

Since I don't want to continue whining over the whole job thing I thought I'd share some pictures from my new camera.

This is just me playing around with the macro lens so if they are boring to you...that's OK I'm having fun.

And it's all about me right now!

My rainbow koosh ball!
Allo Aloe!

Cork you!

Schlage - sounds like something that comes out of your nose when you sneeze!

And the fuzzy thing around my slippers!


neetzy said...

Ooo-ah! Nice Macro! Excellent detail, but more excellent is your eye dear Shazza!

Poetikat said...

Cool shots! The way you photographed the cork made it look like a dessert! Love the koosh ball - like fibre-optics or something.

We have freezing rain at the moment. Is all your snow gone?


Shazza said...

Neetz - thank you sis. That is a big compliment coming from you!

Kat - all of our snow is gone as well as the warm temps. It's only in the 40's today and we're expecting rain.

Stay safe up there Kat!

the only daughter said...

Rain, rain, rain...I'm not complaining though, better than the snow.

Some folks got too much rain. Floods. booooo

Some folks got wild, wild, winds. Scary & boooo

Love the pics.

neetzy said...

You have one of the best photographic eyes I've seen. You indeed have a gift. I would continue to "develop" that gift. While I enjoy photography, I never thought that I was particularly "gifted" in that area.

Shazza said...

Deb - I'm sure you are sick of the snow. Here's hoping spring will be on your door soon!

Neetz - um...Thank you! Thank you very, very much. Photography is something I really feel connected to.