Monday, March 02, 2009

Walkin' in a winter wonderland

We got our "big storm" of the season last night/today. 12 inches of snow when it was all over. It was one of those storms that comes up along the coast sucking the moisture from the Atlantic. Normally we don't really get a lot of snow here on the Jersey coast. Being so close to the ocean the temps tend to stay warmer - but every 5 - 6 years or so we get slammed.

For those of you living in the mid-west or in the mountains, you can just skip this post. I'm sure you've seen enough snow to last a life time, but for those who are curious here are some pics.

The sidewalk to our driveway

Our cars - mine is on the left and M's is on the right. (we have the same car btw) She had to go to work so we dug her out first.

The mailbox with a nice little snow hat on!

A very cool icicle!

This is our deck and our snow cake as we like to call it. Usually M takes her trusty ruler out and we get a measurement. This year we just eye it up! 12 inches looks about right.

One of our deck chairs...I liked the snowy pattern of it!

Some cedar trees really weighed down by the snow.

Does anyone else see the Witch Guard from the Wizard of Oz in this picture or is it just me?
Well, that's about it! We're still digging out. Both cars are free and the dogs have a little path to do their biz on, but I'll have to make it a bit wider for them. Two boy dogs really like to mark their territory.
Hope everyone is safe and warm where ever you are!


Poetikat said...

Yup. I see the witch-guard, but more importantly, that chair makes me think about waffles, so I'm going to go pop a couple in the toaster, right now!
Great photos. It was fun to see your space - even if you were blasted by the storm. I'm sure we'll be seeing some of that soon ourselves.


The Village Carpenter said...

Holy mackeral! The little bit of snow we got has already melted. Happy shoveling. :o)

neetzy said...

Yup, you got hammered! We just got enough to look pretty.
It's almost gone already.

I love your pictures - esp. the chair with the patterned back!

dive said...

Holy crap, Shazza!
I'm with Neetzy; the chair is so cool!

Presbyfruit said...

Yeah, the pictures are great.

Lulubelle B said...

Wow! You got slammed. We only got about 6 inches in Maryland. All gone now. Today it's gonna be in the 70s.

BTW - Looks like I've got the same car as you and M - Toyota Matrix. Mine is the dark gray.