Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I stole this from MSN:

Shin-kicking is a sport?


Invented in the Cotswolds of England, circa 1600, shin-kicking is an annual event at the Cotswold Games.

Here's how it works: Kick your opponent as hard as you can in the shins. If your opponent falls to the ground in pain, you earn a point. The winner takes the highest score in the best of three rounds.Inhumane? Not entirely. Competitors are permitted to stuff their pants with hay.

Think that's bad?

Try ferret stuffing.

This illegal "sport" can be traced to Yorkshire, England, where allegedly sane men stuff ferrets in their pants to see who can suffer the longest. Who holds the record? In 1981, Reg Mellor kept two of 'em down for five hours and 26 minutes.

Five hours and 26 minutes he "suffered" with 2 live ferrets in his pants.
How did they come up with this sport in the first place?
Nevermind, I don't think I want to know.


the only daughter said...

Those wacky, wacky Brits. :)

dive said...

We sure do have some great national sports, Shazza. You can add cheese-rolling, conkers, gurning, bog-snorkeling and dwile-flonking to those, plus any number of village games that involve quaffing copious amounts of beer.

Shazza said...

Deb - Don't you just love them?

Dive - I think I need to spend time over there just to watch some of these events. Bog-snorkeling and dwile-flonking aren't even in our dictionary. And if it involves quaffing copious amount of beer...I'm so there.