Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh no, say it isn't so Sarah!

This woman has stuffing for brains - she really does.

If you are a fan of Sarah Palin then please don't read this blog. To say I dislike this woman is just the tip of the iceberg.

On November 20th she visited a slaughterhouse to pardon a turkey then as she candidly responds to questions from the reporter the man behind her who is up to his knees in blood is slaughtering a turkey!

AND she said was there because she was having fun and glad to be invited to participate and "you need a little levity".

Later she states: "certainly we'll invite critism for this to, but at least it was fun."

Come on kids...we're going to the slaughter house to watch a turkey get his throat slit and then have some guy push him into a funnel so he bleeds faster...doesn't that sound like fun?

Hey - I know this is where our food comes from and for turkey farmers it's something they probably do on a daily basis, but didn't she know what was going on right behind her?

Here is the Slate version of the interview.

If you have the stomach, you can see the real video on YouTube, I'm not going to post it here.


megshoeman said...

That poor soul. Still out there disappointing. :o(

dive said...

Robyn pointed me at the YouTube video a few days back, Shazza and I've been laughing at it ever since.
The guy shoving the turkeys head first into the "bleeder" reminded me of Peter Stormare shoving Steve Buscemi into the woodchipper in Fargo.

savannah said...

i just showed the youtube vid to some friends last night, sugar! i wish i'd seen the slate version - perfect juxtaposition. gov. palin is a joke and if the republican party continues to push her as their representative/shining star, the democrats are assured of more than 8 years in office! xoxo

Shazza said...

Hi Meg - Thanks for stopping by. She's something isn't she?

Dive - That was the first thing I thought and was expecting to see turkey parts being strewn around. Imagine my disappointment.

Savannah - Hi! I see you on Dive's blog - thanks for dropping by. I'm kind of thinkning her political career may have the same ending as that poor turkey.

Sylvia said...

You've been a busy girl! Sorry, I can't watch the video. While I haven't gone over to being total vegetarian, I understand why Sylvia has. Whether it is the mass slaughter of beef, chicken, or in this case turkey, the animals suffer horribly up to and including thier demise. At least if an animal is killed in a hunt or on a farm, it lives a good life and generally is dispatched quickly.

We are making vegetarian ravioli from scratch for Thanksgiving. Happy thankgiving to you and all your family. Semi-Conductor may need a extra Xanax, or just add another glass of wine on top.


Sylvia said...
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Shazza said...

Sylvia/Vic - If I think about it too much I would go vegetarian as well. This is why I try not to all.

It's better that way - I can be happy in my stupidity.

Vic Hubbard said...

My only problem with going vegetarian is skipping out on the most important food group...PORK.
I mean, really. Wrap ANYTHING in bacon and it becomes delicious. My favorite dish is Coffee crusted porkloin. It, too, is wrapped in bacon. The only thing that could make it better is if it was topped with a piece of ham.:D

Scout said...

I saw the Slate version last week. I laughed out loud straight through. Very funny. I especially love the Julie Child SNL snippet.

Shazza said...

Scout - Save the liver!