Monday, November 03, 2008

Eve of destruction

Tomorrow is the big event. The U.S. Presidential election.

The candidates are (in case you were living under a rock somewhere)

Barack Obama/Joe Biden - Democratic Party
John McCain/Sarah Paline - Republican Party
Ralph Nader/Matt Gongalez - Independent
Chuck Baldwin/Darrel Castle - Constitution Party
Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente - Green Party
Roger Calero/Alyson Kennedy - Socialist Workers Party
Gloria LaRiva/Eugene Puryear - Socialism and Liberation
Jeffrey Boss/ Andrea Marie Psoras -
Brian Moore/Stweart Alexander - Socialist Party USA
Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root - Libertarian

HA! Betcha didn't realize there was more than TWO parties running!

I guess we all know that, but it's interesting to see all of the names up on the ballot when it comes in the mail.

Aside from Obama and McCain - Ralph Nader is the other name that comes up quite a bit. He may have thrown the vote in the last 2 Presidential elections, we just don't know.

Me - I don't really like any of them for one reason or other so it comes down to the lesser of two evils.

NJ is a pretty blue state - meaning mostly Democratic. Where I live is a very Republican town. Our incumbent Congressman who has been there for a 14 terms is an ass and I will vote against him just because. I have NO idea what his running mate stands for, but I just can't pull the lever for Mr. Smith.

I commented on Dive's blog - Small Glass Planet that I was going to write in my vote for Summers/Rosenberg. If you've ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer you will get the reference. I also determined it would be the Buffy on Spike and Dark Lesbian Willow who would get my vote. Talk about your Regime Change!

Honestly though - I don't know who I am going to vote for until I get into that booth tomorrow and it may just be a case of "eenie, meenie, miney, moe." I just feel that whoever gets elected won't have a chance to make enough of a change to fix this country. McCain - more of the same shit and there is NO way I will stand for that. Obama - I like his platform and his pitch and man can that speak so eloquently. He's just a beautiful person - but there is something there. I still can't put my finger on it and it's nothing rational.

Whoever wins - I think it will be one term President. There is too much crap to clean up and it's going to be such a filthy dirty mess that he/she will either be so exhausted at the end of the 4 years or he/she will just piss too many people off that by the end of it this pendulum may swing hard again one way or the other.


Tomorrow I have to fly to South Carolina (a Red state YIKES) for a conference. BUT - M and I will be Live Blogging during the night and try to make the evening as entertaining as possible. So, if you are up and bored and tired of the news interrupting your favorite TV show to bring you and important Election Update - come on over and join us and put your comments in.

I will start the post sometime around 8:00 PM Eastern time and then anyone can come on in and vent, voice an opinion, share a recipe, tell a scary ghost story, tell us your Holiday plans or follow along with the election.

Hope you can join us!

See you then!


dive said...

That sounds like a great party, Shazza.
I'll be stuck in my crappy office but I'll try to join in later.

The Village Carpenter said...

Please tell me what I can do to get you to vote for Obama!

neetzy said...

I promised Obama that I would do whatever possible to get my family, friends and neighbors to vote for him. So this is it. No candidate is perfect. You are not voting for a messiah. Obama may not have the answers to all of our problems but he researches everything. He wants to improve our relationship with the world. Vote for an alternate party only if you completely dislike both of the major candidates.