Sunday, November 02, 2008

In the mail

I got a letter in the mail from the wife our our Congressman today. He's up for re-election. He's been in this seat for over 28 years.

This wonderful "handwritten" and mass produced letter explains how our Congressman "works hard for families"," understands the current economic crisis" and is "well aware that parents worry about meeting the immediate needs of their children". Both her and her husband "personally know the devastating impact illness and disability have on a family" He also has an "international reputation as a bold human rights advocate."

This "bold human rights advocate once co-sponsored a bill in which he wrote: "No Federal funds may be used directly or indirectly to promote, condone, accept, or celebrate homosexuality, lesbianism, or bisexuality."

Luckily that bill didn't pass - but is just goes to show you what a real human rights guy he is!

He also voted "voted against extending federal hate crimes protection to disabled and LGBT Americans" and is a fierce opponent of abortions.

I'm thinking my Congressman's wife didn't realize who she was sending this letter to - but she's about to find out!


finn said...

I have often felt the same way about our elected representatives and I have never even contemplated writing them a letter. I never thought it would make a difference.
Maybe next time I will.

dive said...

Go for it, Shazza!
Homophobic and bigoted fuckwit politicians shame America in the eyes of the world.

the only daughter said...

Don't you just love an open invitation to speak. your. mind.! ? !

Hawt! Go to it!