Thursday, October 02, 2008

Last post of the evening

Just a few pictures from the junk food buffet and the blogfest set up!


dive said...

Oh, hee hee and a million times hee, Shazza!
I just read through your blow-by-blow account of the debate and now I don't need to switch on the BBC to hear about it. I've got the full poop from you! Cool!
That was both illuminating and hilarious and the whole thing should be put up on one of the big news websites.

Shazza said...

Thanks Dive - M joined me last night as a special guest blogger and we had a bit too much wine but a whole lot of fun doing that.

Vic Hubbard said...

I know it's extremely unpopular to vote Republican. But, that being said, I'm a Libertarian and my basic mantra is "Stay outta my wallet and my bedroom" The reality is Republicans want to tell me what my morality should be and the Democrats want to provide everything to everyone with my hard earned money.
I spent two years after school living with a buddy in Spokane. His parents owned low rent housing and he and I did maintenance on those and just partied all summer and skied all winter. Those two years shaped my view. They had 2nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients living in their apartments. They had no pride or any desire to work for what they got. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that the social systems tend to create that mindset. So even though I'm against the right wing in terms of their morality police, I'm more against what the left wing has created wanting to increase taxes on working people to give to those that have no desire to work. I'm not a fan of a war that we really got into because of our energy dependence. It's a laugh to say we're there for the sake of our "good friend" Israel. Again, unfortunately, we haven't had a good choice in years for President.
I really hope that IF M/P win they do some real house cleaning. I doubt it. But, we sure need it.