Friday, October 03, 2008

Musical Musings

It's friday!


I've just been so gosh darn busy this week I'm glad there is a weekend to rest and relax a bit.

Ha! Who am I kidding. Since it rained all last weekend and I couldn't get out to take care of the yard, my grass is about knee high now. And the back yard where the dogs go to do there business, I don't even want to think about. Time to hire a pooper scooper service.

Last week I had hoped to have M pick a song for my Friday music posts, but unfortunately we were both having a senior moment and neither of us could remember the song she had wanted to put up.

This week I am picking a song that I know M likes. It is one of her favorites and I gotta tell you she plays a mean air guitar to this song!

It was #1 in the US in October of 1987 and I only know this because M told me that it was #1 the same year that my daughter was born.

The group - Whitesnake is not quite my taste in music, but after 11 years of being with M, I've grown to like the song. Probably because I get a kick out of her air guitar, which she usually plays left handed for some reason.

The song - "Here I Go Again" is definitely a heartbreak song and I think when this one came out M was going through a bit of a heartache so it became even more significant to her. It's about saying screw it all to love and just drifting through life alone.

I came along a few years later and put an end to that. I could be wrong, but I think she's happy about it. :)

This one's for you M! With me around you won't ever have to go it on your own!

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M said...

Hey Shazza, I wouldn't know how to go about it without you. Thanks for sticking around for the good(most of it) and the bad. Before getting way too mushy (I know too late). I play left handed because it comes more natural to me. There the secret is out. :)

dive said...

Ooooh! Poodle perms and pouting! How delicious, Shazza.
Hee hee.
Romance can blossom to the oddest music but that doesn't make it any less special.
Love to you both.

neetzy said...

Whitesnake rocks. An group that is successful in making teen anthems without realizing it. What can I say?

the only daughter said...

Well, now.

Happy weekend. :)