Thursday, October 02, 2008

In Conclusion

Well -

I don't know but Sarah did pretty well. If she was grilled, she benefited from it because she came off very confident and charasmatic.

Joe - he was on the defensive most of the time, but he did well too. He stated too many statistics and we don't really care about those...we lose focuse after a while.

Now looking at them all up on stage with all of the families it's hard to seperate the parties and the politics. I think they both did a great job with this and I hate to admit this that I think she did a bit better job.

Still - we are not voting for the Veep, we are voting for the next President of the US.

I do know I'm NOT voting fro McCain - that's all I do know at this point.

Thanks all for reading and putting up with us. M was the guest blogger tonight and we had fun sitting here bantering back and forth.



neetzy said...


I know Sarah has nice legs and boobs and all but....
"Joe Six Pack?" She didn't totally fuck up but in reality she's a George W in heels. Sorry.
I sense that you are hesitant on Obama for some reason but please keep in mind that the next president will pick 2 or 3 of the next Supreme Court Justices. If you can deal with more conservatives who are anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-planet, pro-gun, pro-ceo. You go girl. Just remember there are no term limits on Supreme Court Justices. They are in in for life. No one can vote them out!

M said...

I will vote for Obama. I am not sold on him but I can't even imagine voting for McCain. Sarah Palin.....I wouldn't trust her to take care of my dogs let alone the country but she managed to finished her sentences so that's a least with the republican base. She had no substance but with low expectations she did well not to sink lower.