Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I love librarians

I really do.

It's definitely a perk to my job to work with them.

They have a passion for learning and love to share thier knowledge.

Artists are next on my list of favorite people...but librarians just amaze me.

I read this post recently that totally sealed the deal with my love for librarians:



dive said...

I love librarians, too! Yay for them!
Two of my lifelong best friends are librarians (married to one another).

Librarian story, courtesy of Miriam The Librarian:
A guy has been furtively searching the shelves for ages and Miriam goes over to ask him if he needs assistance.
He mumbles that he is looking for a book on lovemaking.
Hokay, thinks Miriam; I'm a librarian and this guy looks like he definitely needs help.
So she ushers him gently through to the reference section and points out a couple of "helpful" shelves.
He looks confused …
"Er … I asked for a book on GLOVEmaking."

She swears it's true.
I bought them a Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure one Christmas and it has pride of place in their sitting room.

Librarians. I love 'em.

Auntie Mame said...

Hey thanks for posting this! Sometimes I forget how proud I am to be a librarian and work with them everyday.
I have a similar story. I was new to working the reference desk and my boss was with me. A woman came up and asked about grooming. My boss wanted to impress me by not having to look it up and just sending her to the correct Dewey Decimal Number. He sent her over to 636--Dog Grooming!!

neetzy said...

That librarian was the most amazing example of tact, graciousness, tolerance and love of humanity that I have witnessed in my lifetime. I wish i could be the same. I love the people who look, act or otherwise seem weird or different. I have difficulty accepting normal looking people. Church going is okay, but letting the church form your opinions and voting decision is scary. The better they look, the less I like them.

Vic Hubbard said...

Thanks for the heads up on this eloquent letter. As I've begun reading blogs, it's been eye opening how many people aren't open to other people's opinions. It's quite sad there is so much judgment thrown around from both sides of any particular subject. Even someone that has the same "basic" beliefs as another will always have points on which they do not agree. In my very humble opinion, that's what makes people so interesting. Who wants a choir that only sings one song?!