Friday, July 18, 2008

Beanbag Chronicles

Good morning fellow blog peeps!

I'm back with another exciting episode of The Beanbag Chronicles.

These were the songs that eased a pimply faced, greasy feathered haired, desert shoe wearing, freckled and bespectacled, hormone raging pre-teenager sitting in my bean bag chair, with my big clunky head phones on, basking in the glow of my lava lamp and multiple candles dripping on old Chianti bottles that my parents threw away.

As with most 7th and 8th graders who start to become sexually aware of "things", Mother Nature plays a nasty trick on you and decides to turn you into the most revolting creature on earth!I turned to music and clung to the tunes that I thought must have been written by people who could have read my mind and knew exactly what kind of torment I was going through.

I had an exciting find while rummaging through my tub 0' photos! I found an actual picture of the beanbag altar!

Here is was:

This was taken when I was a little high school old! I can tell because I had my varsity letter in this picture and the old Chianti bottles were replaced with bottles of wine I actually drank. Some horrible stuff like Reunite Lambrusco or something equally nauseating!

The ol' lava lamp is up in the far right corner...covered by a puppet or something. I was Waaay too cool for lava lamps in high school...I graduated to BIG lollipops and pickled people instead.


Compared to my little sketch...I wasn't too far off I don't think?

So...back to the chronicles.

With the last few posts most of you must think I was a semi-suicidal pre-teen.

Not really - I think for the most part I was a happy kid. Moody...but generally happy.

I thought I would "pep it up a bit" this week and post one of my all time favorite artists!

The Captain and Tennille!

These records nearly drove my family absolutely crazy because I played them constantly.

I think Toni Tennille was the first crush that I had on a celebrity. It was something about that blond bobbed, big teeth, big boned gal that I just couldn't get enough of.

The Captain - eh...He kind of freaked me out a little.


Anyway - it's Friday...the weekend is here and it's time for some happy music to get it started off right!

Be nice all - I could have picked Muskrat Love!

Love will keep us together baby...yes it will!

Have a great weekend everyone! Peace!


the only daughter said...

Awesome way to start off Friday. Yay!

Yeah, the Captain was a little creepy.

Poetikat said...

Oh, that's a great one, Shaz! You're right! The Captain was kind of freaky - those glasses were rather psycho-looking weren't they and did he ever speak?
I also love "Muskrat Love" (ha ha) you gotta post that one. Who wrote that???

I am unable to add you to my sidebar update list because you don't have a feed - can you get one? Check out if you're interested. Then I'll know when you post something new.

I do, of course have you on my blog, but not in the nice big list at the bottom. I don't want to miss a thing, you know!


P.S. The chili is good for you on a hot day - spicy stuff makes you feel cooler - look at the folks in India!

Shazza said...

Thanks OD! My kids are up in your neck of the woods right now. Look out Chicago!

Kat - Didn't America write Muskrat Love or did they just cover it? I'll have to wiki it.

I've tried to do the feedburner thing and well...I can't quite seem to get it working right. I need a tutorial.

Identity Mixed said...

Yea... um, the Captain? Has always freaked me out!

Vic Hubbard said...

I remember watching that show and can't believe I never picked up the fact that Toni and lip-syncing. Sad!
She was a babe, though. I even thought "The Captain" was a bit strange. Mostly 'cause he never said anything. I know your blog has a majority female audience and hope that no one is offended by the "babe" reference. Also, I do believe Muskrat Love was written and performed by America.

dive said...

Sheesh! I can't believe how TIDY your room was!

So that's what The Captain and Tennille looked like! Yeah, she was quite cute. I can see where the crush came from. Hee hee.

Have a great weekend, Shazza!

Shazza said...

I think we can all agree the Captain was a bit freaky.

Vic - "Babe" works for me with regards to Toni...I thought she was!

Dive - my anal retentive qualities have haunted me all my life!

Muskrat Love was actually written by Willis Alan was originally called Muskrat Candelite.

Vic Hubbard said...

Well, so much for what "I believe".

I'm glad that "a babe by any other name is still a babe".
By the way, my favorites have changed over time. I used to love Meg Ryan, until she started injecting those cute lips she had. Now she looks like the product of abuse. The top of my list and still gorgeous at whatever age is Michelle Pfeifer. I'd go on about her, but you'd all learn way too much about me. My wife says that's not a good idea:D She's the only one who can truly love me for the
demented soul I am.

neetzy said...

Only the Captain and Tenille should get the credit they deserve for "Muskrat Love". When I googled Muskat Love, their name was the first to come up. This caused me nightmares, night sweats, delirium and tremors. I thought the muskrats were coming out of the South Jersey swamps to get me.