Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sibling Bloggers

The "big sister" - Neetzy

and "little brother" - Monkeytooth have joined the ranks of the blogging public!

We are hoping to create enough momentum so that we can embarrass "the Dad": aka "Semi-conductor" and have him make penance for all the terrible horrible things that he has done to us in our lives - there are only so many Boris Karloff imitations, bad jokes and plaid wearing one family can tolerate in a lifetime before you have a breaking me!

If you have a free moment...please stop by and say Hello!


neetzy said...

I have some old pictures of Dad with major sideburns and plaid suits from back in the 70's. This is definite fun "sibling bonding" time! I'm still learning how to navigate the blogosphere and trying not to spew too much mental diarrhea.

Vic Hubbard said...


I am a new fan. I found you from Kari's site. I love your Cheez it
posts! I spent over an hour last weekend listening to sappy old tunes that I grew up listening to. What fun. And Neetzy, mental diarrhea is what it's all about...all this time you thought it was the "Hokey Pokey":D

Shazza said...

Hi Vic!

Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by.

We'll have to support each others blogs while Kari is recovering and can't fill us in on her latest project.

Vic Hubbard said...


I'll be supporting you blog even when Kari has gotten back to chisel posing. You have a very fun site!
Love the alter.