Saturday, July 19, 2008


(turn and face the strain)



Step back in time with the younger years.

Lil' Shazza at different phases of her life.

The good, the bad...

the downright ugly!

Now mind you...most of these are school photos...and there were only like 2 people I've ever known in my entire life who actually liked their school photos.

I'm not one of them.

Still - it's kind of fun to see how I've changed throughout the years.

Warning! - I have never been one for my great send of fashion.

My Mom had had daughter is a fashion plate, but me....not so much.

You'll get the idea soon! I am in kindergarten! Awwwww....glad to be plaid, cute little button nose...freckles!

This is first grade - missing a tooth...mauve is sooooooo not my color.

2nd grade and my first pair of glasses that I picked out all by myself!

I thought they were really cool at the time!

I am also sporting the female version of the "leisure suit". All polyester all the time!

Should have kept the bangs...I have a big forehead.

3rd or 4th Grade...not sure.

Ditched the glasses for picture day. Look how big the lapels are on this shirt!

Buttoned all the way to the top no less!

Oh uh...puberty got hold of me and turned me into a greasy stringy miserable mess. (This was the Beanbag Chronicle era...see what I mean?)

That kind of looks like a "Christmas Sweater" doesn't it?

Is it my imagination or did my forehead get bigger in this picture?

I look a kind of tired.

Probably just dreading picture day.

This was 7th or 8th grade - it's getting a little better.

All of a sudden...I've got boobs and I'm a red head. ??? that a BIG ZIT ON MY CHIN!?
Geez...couldn't they have air brushed that out?

This is from my sophomore year in high school - back in plaid. I actually like this one.

That's not a zit on my cheek's a mole.

Junior year in high school...damn my hair was long!

There is a hint of eye shadow on my eyes. I did go through a "make up" phase in my life form 1980 to about 1985.

Never learned how to turn down the shine on that forehead though...eeeks.

I'll have to see if I can find my senior high school picture somewhere.

BIG transformation, especially when you have Glamour Shots hired to do the photos!!!


Vic Hubbard said...

It's wild how we change, isn't it?
No one would even know my childhood photos are me. Maybe someday for all of you, I'll post them, so you can see that I "used to be" cute.
Hey, Sylvia and my Mom love me and that's enough!

neetzy said...

You are very brave. I have that huge forehead too! We are just so smart that our brains are bursting out of our foreheads!

The Village Carpenter said...

I think they are all cute.

All of us thought we were dorky growing up, but looking back, none of us were really all that bad.

Shazza said...

Vic - I'm sure you were very cute as a you graduated to handsome. Don't worry Sylvia...He's not really "my type".

Neetz...yes...that must be it...big forehead = big brain...yesss

VC - well thank you. You know you are right, they weren't as bad as I remembered them.

Poetikat said...

This trip down memory lane was so fun! I thought you were a little cutie in the first one. I liked the first pair of glasses and the funky pseudo denim/stripey top with the cool zip!
I thought your last one was pretty good with the long hair - it's the in-between ones that aren't quite as flattering.
I've got some real beauties too. Have you seen this?


dive said...

Wow! What a babe you grew up to become, Shazza.
And a big forehead never did Christina Ricci any harm.