Wednesday, March 12, 2008 more...

...because this is just THE best!

Mary Ann is caught with Maryjane.

Dawn Wells aka Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island was arrested for possession of marijuana!

Apparently she was swerving and not keeping a steady speed...whatever.

The best part is the arrest photo:

Is this hysterical or what? You don't need to test her for can just TELL that she's stoned! She looks absolutely delighted to get her picture taken for the mug shot! That right eye is drooping just a little too!

If anyone walks by her with a bag of potato chips they're a gonner!

I always liked Mary Ann...she was a cutie!

Still is!


The Village Carpenter said...

I always liked Maryanne better than Ginger. A gal in doesn't get any better than that!

dive said...

Oh, that is so funny!
And the potato chip line.
Thanks, Shazza; I'll be giggling all day … almost as much as if I were stoned.

Scout said...

hee hee. She is practically grinning for the camera. What a little bug.

the only daughter said...

I was tickled by the punishment, un-supervised probation, five days in jail and a fine of $410.50 --for reckless driving. $410.50? why not just $410, 411? or even 400?

Maria said...

When I think back to all the times that I drove stoned and never got caught....I just cringe.

Now, of course, I am a role model so I don't even drive after one drink. were the days.