Wednesday, March 12, 2008


M sent me this story from the WTF files. It's just way too bizarre for words:

A woman in Witchita Kansas has been sitting on her boyfriends toilet for over 2 years. So long in fact that her skin has started to graft around the toilet seat and the muscles in her legs have atrophied.

When the police and emergency medical services arrived, she refused treatment at first.

The "doodee"ful boyfriend brought her food and water, but did not call authorities right away. Instead he would just ask her if she was going to come out of the bathroom. Her response: "Maybe tomorrow".

Here is the full article if you want to read it.

I love the quote by the neighbor: "It really doesn't surprise me."


Is this normal behavior in Witchita? Do people just hang out around their toilets for days just becuase while loved ones bring them food and water?

How did she bathe?

Oh....I don't even want to think about that one.

I can't sit on the comode for more than 5 minutes before my legs fall asleep!

All I can say is: wow

What happened to this woman to make her snap like this? What is freakin' wrong with the boyfriend that he didn't call sooner.

I sure hope there was more than one bathroom in the house or that would have just been even more ridiculous.


The Village Carpenter said...

No words. Seriously.

dive said...

The word "Eww" doesn't even come close!

the only daughter said...

I told my daughter this story & at first she didn't believe me then she started asking the questions I did...what's with the bf?

Someone camped out, not just in your house, or even your bathroom but quite literally, on your toilet for two years? WTF Indeed! Ick.

Sharkb said...

WTF indeed. Boyfriend sounds like a real gentleman, probably usually took the dishes out of the sink before he peed in it.