Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I try....I really do.

I am not a fashion plate, but I always attempt to look nice and I actually plan out what I am going to wear for the next day on the night before. I took out my tan pants with the brown pint stripes, a brown sleeveless top and a brown crepe blouse to go over the sleeveless top.

I ironed my clothes this morning as part of my regular routine - I like sharp creases and wrinkle free pants and shirts.

I carefully put my coat on so I wouldn't bunch up my clothes underneath and add wrinkles where they don't belong.

But something happened in between the time I put my clothes on and my arrival at work that turned my nice clean freshly pressed clothes into a frumpled, wrinkled, jumbled mess.


It must have happen during the 1hour and 30 minutes it takes me to get to work. But I was sitting still...I was not moving around.

Maybe it happened on the walk from the parking garage to the office? In those short 3 blocks little gremlins ran up my coat and jostled everything around so there is little evidence except for the remnants of a crease down my sleeve that I ironed my shirt.

Today when I got to work, the tip of my collar on my blouse was folded up - pointing at me! The back of my blouse was also folded up...so now it kind of sticks out from my body...real nice...very attractive.

How did this happen?

I'm trying to sit on the back of my blouse in the opposite way in a feeble attempt to fold it the other way and I keep pulling the pointy collar down and roll it under and making it behave.


Then this thing happened to my hair. It just expanded and goes frizzy without me touching it. I don't understand this phenomenon. I brushed it just before I left! There is very little wind today...how? what?

Maybe because it's unusually warm out today and a bit humid that my clothes and hair have revolted against me.

I think I can hide behind my desk most of the day and avoid any interaction with other people and no one will notice.

I remembered a strip from the cartoon Peanuts. Pig Pen gets a crush on a girl, so he gets himself all cleaned up. Takes a bath, puts on new shiny clothes, combs his hair and he looks great! Then he takes ONE STEP...and the dirt just jumps on him and attacks and he is back to his old self again.

It's going to be one of those days...I can just tell.


The Village Carpenter said...

You could just do like Presby and embrace your wrinkled clothes and frizzy hair. She never irons and her clean clothes sit in a laundry basket for a week before she hangs them up.

And her hair turn into a tumbleweed when it's humid.

...now THAT she complains about!

Shazza said...

HA! I wish I could be more like Presby...I really do!

the only daughter said...

I iron, to mash out the wrinkles I don't need creases. Luckily I don't have to wear shirts with collars, though sometimes I do (in the summer).

The hair frizzing up? Bugged the bejeesus outta me for years. Now, I keep it short and neat.

My biggest irritation? Eating. Drips. Bibs. So embarrassing.