Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mom's behaving badly

It was mayhem at the local Chuck E. Cheese's in Natick, MA when two Mom's got into a tussle. It all started when one of the Mom's accused the other's son of "hogging" a video game.

Can you imagine the dialog?

Mom #1 - That boy has been on that video game for a while now...when is he going to give someone else a turn.
Junior - I wanna play the game...I wanna play the game!!!
Mom #1 - I know honey...I know you want to play the game, but someone else is already playing on it, you'll have to wait.
Junior - Noooooo, I wanna play it NOOOOOW. NOW, NOW, NOW!!!
Mom #1 (Slight twitch in her face from dealing with Junior on too much sugar) Ok honey...we'll let me just go and talk to the boys Mommy and see if he's going to be done soon ok?
Junior - I wanna play it now, now, NOW!!!!

Mom#1 walks over to Mom #2 -

Mom #1 - excuse me, but my son would like to play this game too. Will he be done soon?
Mom #2 - He'll be done when he's done, your son will just have to wait like everyone else.

(Junior in the background eating more sugar)

Mom #1 - well, your son has been on a while now. There ARE other children waiting. Do you think he could finish this game and let someone else have a chance?
Mom #2 - My son is having a good time playing this game, so your son will just have to wait until he is done. Maybe he can play another game in the meantime.

Junior - I wanna play now, I wanna play now!!!!

Mom #2 - You may want to stop giving him sugar, he's starting to create a scene.
Mom #1 - Don't tell me how to be a parent! You can't even teach your son to share, instead he's HOGGING up this game so no one else can play it.
Mom # 2 - excuse me? Did you say my son was HOGGING this game? There are plenty of OTHER games your child can play...my SON is not HOGGING this game...YOUR son is just a brat and does not know how to wait his turn. Maybe you should teach your child some manners...maybe YOU should take him off the sugar so YOU can CONTROL him better.

Junior - Mom...make him get off the game...I wanna play the game...I wanna play the game!!!! Mom...mom...MOM...I wanna play now.

Mom #1 snaps...lurches for Mom #2.

They roll on the floor yelling and cursing at each other...ripping hair, gauging eyes...innocent children are caught in the melee...Chuck E. the rat tries to break it up and gets tossed into the balls taking out 3 toddlers as he falls.

Meanwhile - the boy playing the video game looks up at Junior and asks him if he wants to play now. Junior says no, he's hungry and they walk off to find more birthday cake and soda together!

tsk, tsk, tsk.


finn said...

that's hilarious, that's simply hilarious.
kind of tilts the balance of me ever wanting kids into a negative position, but it still is hilarious! love it.

Shazza said...

Thanks Finn - it's fun to live in my mind sometimes.

As far as parenting is concerned though, I would say that 75% of the time most kids are very good...it's those 25% days that try your patience and fry your nerves!

Maria said...

I think that there is something in the air at Chuck E Cheese. Kids turn into brats and parents turn into crazed maniacs.

the only daughter said...

Truly. I'm with Maria. I sooooo do not miss the Chuck E Cheese meltdowns I witnessed. Oh. My. Word.