Monday, March 03, 2008

Meme thingy

I am not sure where I found this Meme - I had saved it as a draft a while ago and just noticed that I never posted it!

Since my week has been fairly uneventful and I have absolutely not one single unique or creative thought in my brain I will post it tonight:

1) Are you taller than your mother? - No, she was a smidge taller than me.
2) What color is your car? Blue
3) What is the closest thing to you that is red? Swiss Army Knife
4) What is your ringtone? some funky default music that came with the phone
5) Are you sick? define "sick"
6) What color is your favorite pillow? white (this is a really weird question)
7) Favorite video game? Ummmm, I haven't played a video game in ages and I really don't remember what it was!
8) Nap today? No - not today.
9) Gold or silver? Gold
10) Is there an animal that creeps you out? The Naked mole rat kind of looks like a penis with teeth...that creeps me out BIG time!
11) The last person you rode an elevator with? a stranger
12) Did you go ice skating as a kid? Yup! Sure did!
14) Ever have stitches? Yup! Sure did!
15) Favorite non alcoholic drink? water
16) How long ago did you kiss someone? This morning
17) What is something that you want to do before you die? sky diving
18) Ever caught something on fire? eeeks...yes. Almost set a forest fire when I was kid playing with matches. Got a major league spanking for that one!
19) Ever seen a ghost? No - apparently I don't have that gift. M does though.
20) Ever seen the northern lights? No, but I would like to.
21) Do you know how to use chopsticks? Yup!
22) Something good that happened today? My internet access was restored!
23) Are you worried about something you can't control? No, not really. I'm not much of a worrier.
24) Do you take daily meds? Yup!
25) Ever been in a fight? What kind of fight? Like physical fight? Ummmm...not really. I punched a girl once in the 8th grade, but I'm not one for fisticuffs.
26) Wearing nail polish? noooooooooo
27) Favorite color? bluishpurply
28) Innie or outie? Hey! That's kind of personal dontcha think?
29) Ever used a Ouija board? YES...freaked me out even though I know it was my sister moving it.
30) Sweet or sour? Sweet
31) Sun or Moon? Sun
32) What shoes did you wear today? the tan ones
33) Favorite eye color of the opposite sex? brown/dark
34) Most important quality in a relationship. trust
35) Favorite zombie movie? Never watched any zombie movies.
36) Time of day that you were born? either 7:00 am or 7:00 pm, the details are kind of sketchy.
37) Do you know your blood type? Yup!
38) What would you spend 500 dollars on right now? a new digital camera!!!
39) Name something annoying in public transit? People talking loudly in their cell phones so that you can hear their entire conversation.
40) Did you grow up in a city or in the country? neither...the burbs
41) Consider going on a reality show for a large amount of money? No freakin' way
42. Flown in your dreams? yes, I haven't worked out the landings though, they seem to be a little hard.
43. Hugs or kisses? Hugs
44) Ten dollars to spend in a dollar store. What on? Oh...I go right to the toy section and by the Mr. T Jewelry or a dart gun, those magnetic doodle things, maybe a whoopie cushion.
45) Slurpee flavor? cherry

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the only daughter said...

noooooo nail polish for me either.

love questions.
love answers to questions. :)