Saturday, January 26, 2008

When they was sparks!

M sent me this article to share with you all!

I think you'll will find it truly shocking!

A young woman from York County, PA (they grow 'em weird out there trust me) was electrocuted by her husband when he used a clipped electric cord to stimulate her during sex.

The couple apparently had used this home made sex toy previously and it worked just fine, but I guess things got a little out of hand and he ended up zappin' her just a bit too much!

When police first arrived on the scene, he told them that she was shocked by her hair dryer. After examining the body and finding suspicious burns on her "nether regions" they questioned him again and he came out with the shocking details.

The husband is being charged for involuntary manslaughter and being held on $100,000 bail.

This puts a new twist on the "Electric Slide".

I bet the people of York County are just a "buzz" about this story.


The Village Carpenter said...

I read that in the paper this morning. Can't say I didn't warn you about S. Central PA!

Identity Mixed said...

It shames me to live in this state.

Sharkb said...

Good gracious, what I don't miss about living in Pennsyltucky.