Friday, December 14, 2007

Kitchen Kapers - the final frontier

Ok...I know you are all sick and tired of me talking about my kitchen, but we are in (I hope) the final stages of this project.

Today - the electrician and the plumber are supposed to be here to connect the new appliances so hopefully we will have a functional kitchen by the end of the day.


But - I am sitting the basement...where my computer is and I keep hearing a dripping noise.

Not a good sound in the me.

We've already had one incident when they ripped the toilet out where they almost flooded our pool table, but this drip was coming from somewhere else!

I listen carefully!

I follow the sound.


I look up!

I found it.

I see a section of pipe running along the ceiling and it has...packing tape wrapped around it!

Packing the kind you use when you ship a box!!!!

And it's dripping!


This does not bode well that things will move along smoothly today me thinks.

I hope the plumber gets here soon!!!


The Village Carpenter said...

You need to solder that baby, but quick! Your plumber ought to be able to do that for you, I would think.

d. chedwick bryant said...

hope you stay dry.

Shazza said...

Thanks Chedwick - luckily it was a slow leak and didn't even fill up a bucket of water. Plumber came, capped it right off and no more drip!

Identity Mixed said...

Wow. That's never a good sound!

Sharkb said...

We hate the drip. Glad it's fixed.