Saturday, December 15, 2007

Errand day

First we must fuel ourselves - M is in the mood for I-Hop pancakes so we'll start our day with breakfast out.

Next, the 4 legged canine companions need their exercise. They didn't 2 good walks last weekend because of the weather, so we are hoping to wear them out today because tomorrow isn't looking so promising either.

Then - the errands shall commence. Dry cleaning to be dropped off, books to be returned, new kitchen stuff to buy, a stop at the bank, gas up the cars etc. Once all that is done I have to start painting the laundry room, cleaning out the cabinets so we can finally put our dishes away and get our life back into some kind of order.

I want to fit in cleaning the carpet in the dining room somewhere because of the mess that has been made during this whole kitchen project.

Last but definitely not least - I want to decorate for Christmas!!!!


I'm tired just thinking about it.

Maybe I'll start all of this after I take a little nap! :)

Happy Weekend all!!!!


The Village Carpenter said...

Jeez! Were you given more hours in the day than the rest of us?

LG said...

Sounds busy, but I love days like that. I like to check things off my list!

Shazza said...

We actually got a lot accomplished. We both agreed to hold off painting the laundry room until after the holidays.

The two things left are decorating the house and cleaning the carpet.

M and I both seem to be coming down with colds, so today we may just chill out and watch movies or something.

I will see if I can sit still for a day.