Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stupid pet owners

We have 2 dogs:  Cody - a 4 year old 20lb Westie who is kind of aloof, but cute as hell and Max - a 2 1/2 year old 70lb mutt who is very sweet and affectionate for the most part, but he hates bunnies and other dogs.  Well, except for Cody to whom he adores.

This morning, we were taking our usual tour around the neighborhood.  I try to go nice and early to keep encounters with other dogs at a minimum.  It's just generally a lot easier for everyone involved...especially me.

Max took care of some business and I was crouched and poised with plastic bag in hand to clean up after him when Cody and Max started barking and pulling me.  Max is very strong and he whipped me around like a top.

Around the corner comes a woman with her dog.  They are on the other side of the street but moving rather quickly towards us. 

Max starts to lunge toward the woman and her dog while Cody is just barking like the little annoying yapper dog that he is... meanwhile I have a semi-full bag of dog shit in my hand. 

I am doing everything I can to keep my dogs under some sort of control, but Max is a very strong dog and he is lunging and growling and pulling me looking like this:

Now I am not sure what part of my dogs posture this woman thought was friendly, but apparently in her world this is and so she approached me and my snarling, barking menacing dogs and said a very cheerful:

"Hi!  Good morning!"

To which I snapped at her:  "My dog ISN'T friendly."

The dim watted light bulb finally gave a nice soft glow above her head and the woman got the point and scurried off.

"Fucking idiot." I murmured to myself and I tied my stinky bag of dog poop and dumped it in the trash can.


the only daughter said...

Oh I so feel you. My pup is super reactive and enthusiastic about meeting people and especially dogs. She can overwhelm in seconds.

Most neighbors help me by helping me and Cinnamon avoid them and their pooch. Some others...clueless they keep coming toward us and then get super annoyed when my pup enthuses herself all over their pup. Sheesh

8thday said...

I remember walking my dog after I had a mastectomy. My arms were still glued to my sides and any movement was excruciating. I was out walking when another dog and owner started approaching. I said that I had just had surgery and didn't want my dog pulling, could she please stay away. But she kept coming saying "oh what a cute dog!" I again appealed for her to stay away, but no. It wasn't until she noticed I was green and crying that she pulled her dog away.

Sometimes I think people just live in their own world and really don't notice anything else around them.

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