Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm a ramblin' gal....I'm ramblin', ramblin', ramblin', ram......blinnnnnnnnnnnn'".

More with my thoughts than with actually ramblin' around.

I am in sort of another transition phase.

It happens quite a bit with me. I get comfortable with a situation, job, mental phase and then "snap" everything changes.

At first it throws me for a loop. The direction my life was going takes a sudden turn so I need to slow it down, re-group and get my feel for the way this new direction is taking me.

In one sense things never get really boring, but on the other hand it gets a bit hard to settle into a routine.

Sometimes I think that perhaps I don't think I like routine and maybe I cause the disruption myself in some way.

It's a possibility.

Change is fun. It mixes things up. I like the unpredictibility of it. What is going to happen next? Ohhhh, there is something new to learn/experience.

Maybe there is a bit of ADD in this. Hey - I've already been diagnosed as bi-polar...why not throw in a little ADD in there too.

Mental condition of the week.

Can a pill help it?


OK...sign me up.

As long as I can go to sleep at night - no worries for me.

(are you all still with me so far or have I scared you all off at this point?)

You have to admit, this is not my usual kind of post.

Sure - I can be random, but not usually this scattered.

I put the extra spaces in the way I write this to illustrate how my brain actually works.

Scattered at times.


Please tell me that I'm not the only one that this happens to?

Nah...I know I'm not.

Perhaps it's just the wine?

Yeah - that could be it. I don't usually blog if I have been drinking. My thoughts are too scattered to put into any kind of coherent form.

(heh, heh, heh)

So - it's about 11:00 on a Friday night. Margie and I are sitting on the same sofa with our laptops and headphones. (Margie - Shinedown, Nickleback, Seether and me - Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis, Herman and the Hermits and Freda Payne) The doggies are passed out because the new puppy has run them ragged. The puppy is wrapped up in a blanket and sleeping next to me.

Sipping wine.

Singing along.

Extremely random.

Reading random blogs - new blogs. Old blogs. Really weird blogs!

It's OK.

(Mrs. Brown you have a lovely daughter)

Did you know that I make a pretty good scone? I do! I found a fabulous recipe on-line and it's become quite a hit at the cookie place I work at. I need to add some additional ingredients.

(I don't tell you what to say
Oh-h-h-h don't tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That's all I ask of you)

Well - now that I've scared the heck out of you, but I hope not to the point that you won't come back I just want to leave you with this song that has been "ramblin" through my head for a week or so now and I've learned that the best way to get rid of it is to put it on to someone else!

That is YOU!

Heh, heh, heh!

Have a great weekend all. I'm really not as crazy as I seem to be with this post. I just need to let it out once in a while.


dive said...

I know exactly how you feel, Shazza.
Hee hee.

Poetikat said...

I like the honesty of this. I keep it mostly in my head (or write a poem about it).

By the way, I like change too and I could never see myself in that corporate 9-5 for 30 years routine. Never!