Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I need a list

A list of things to talk about in this months session with Counselor G.

If anyone has ever been to therapy perhaps they can relate - but there are times when I have absolutely NOTHING to say and then there are other times when I'm just getting warmed up and my 45 minutes are up.

Counselor G has suggested that I write things down to talk about - ok. I've done that in the past and it does work, but when you only go once a month and you write things down almost every day - that's a lot of "stuff".

So I try to make a bullet pointed list.

::::drumming fingers::::

This comes from that Virgo side of me - the list maker. It also comes from many, many years as an administrative ass. Write down the important stuff - don't worry about the little stuff.

I had a boss - ex-military guy who wanted all communique to him in bullet pointed lists.

Then in true bureaucratic fashion he would print up the e-mail/list and walk over to your desk and re-hash the list with you. THen go back to his desk and send you a reply in his own long winded un-bullet pointed, reconstituted version of the same story. Only this time it came from Him so it was right.

I'm sure everyone knows at least one person like this in their lives.

As I get older I realize I need more lists.

Actually it's usually just one list - kind of like an extended "to do" list.

I have the "Overall" to do list: paint the laundry room, new refridgerator, call the plumber, yada, yada, yada.

Then I drill it down to the daily list: wake up, take a shower, eat your breakfast, take your vitamins, go to the store....which drills down to what to buy at what store. Grocery store or general store like Target etc.

In there somewhere is always the "honey do" list. Things Margie may have asked me to do for her during the day. Call the vet, go to the post office that sort of thing.

Everything runs along very smoothly in my life with my little lists.

Written down on little scraps of paper, post it notes, on the white board in the kitchen or in a journal. I have lists every where.

Once in a while - I lose my list.


What did I need from the store? Olive oil, ground beef, eggs and what? toothpaste? Foil? toiletpaper?

Why is it that last item you can't remember is always the one thing you needed most?

I've put my list in my coat pocket and then reached in and took out the list from the week before and has a vague sense of deja vu until I'm halfway through the list and think: D'oh!!!

Appointments are the new lists in my life. It's not that I always remembered my appointments before, but now it's that I have too many appointments to remember which one is when!

Doctor(s) - various
Meetings with friends
Work - since it's so sporadic these days

I never thought I would have to keep a calendar - but now I do.

Now I need a list to list all of the things that I need a list for!

( knew that was coming, so sue me)

This is all part of the aging process and part of life. I remember my Grandmother having lists every where - then my me.

I wonder - is it because of failing memory or because I have too much going on or a combination of both.

Selective memory plays a part too.

I will remember a lunch date before I will remember an appointment for the dentist!
(Pleasure vs. pain)

Everything will be fine....

unless of course I lost my lists!


The mind...

getting older...

Do you worry about your mind?

Is it playing tricks? Is it age? Information overload? Something else?

Should I really care if I AM losing my mind?

While writing this post I was thinking of a movie that Margie and I watched a while back called: Young@Heart

It is a chorus of seniors singing contemporary songs. It's a great movie and I think it may alleviate some fears about getting older. It may make your fears worse - but all in all it's a movie about life.



Getting old

Failing memories

Enjoying the life you have!

Here's a clip from the movie. I hope you enjoy it and if you have a chance to rent it please do. I think it will definitely make you smile!

If you search around YouTube - check out "I want to be Sedated" it's great!

Peace all!


the only daughter said...

My mother will ask me things like, "what does mild to severe mean?" --with no set up. And while I wonder if she means literally ('like well...mild means, not so bad and severe means...hella bad and everything in between') or if it is an exercise in existentialism or if she's just messing with my head, I'm also this my future?
I'm a keeper of lists. And yes, working to cull that down to two (three at most) different variations on the theme. :)

8thdayplanner said...

Oh, do I recognize myself in this post! I am a list maker, and loser. I fear that if someone opened my head, three billion post it notes would be all that was found. I go home at lunch to let the dog out and now have to set my cell phone alarm to remember to let her back in. (I have forgotten in the past and the poor thing is left out in the cold.) Age or too much going on? I don't know. But I glad you wrote this. Senility loves company : )

Shazza said...

Deborah - I love those random thoughts so I'm going to side with your Mom on that one!

8thday - My father used to say: The one good thing about senility is that you make new friends every day. :/

Yvonne said...

um, what did you say? LOVE the Young at Heart movie- I gotta rent it.
xo, YoYo