Friday, May 22, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Ooops - sorry I'm late folks.

It was one of those days of endless errands so I was away from the computer most of the day.

The first thing on my "to-do" list was to get a hair cut. I've been doing the hair color thing for about 2 years now. Getting the expensive color and cut. Now that I'm unemployed I've decided to go back to my basic hair cut and to let the color grow out. Since I wear my hair relatively short it doesn't take long to get rid of the color and WOW is my hair white! And you know what? I kind of like it!

So the white stays and I'll save a few bucks too!

I finished all of my errands relatively early and decided - heck...I think a nap is needed!

And so it was - a wonderful 2 hour veg out time. I don't think I slept, but it felt good to do nothing for a little while.

M reminded me that there was one thing I forgot to do today and that was my "Sugar and Spice" post for the week.

She helped me with this week's selection because I wasn't coming up with a good "spicy" song. She suggested "Conflict" by Disturbed first. Not my cup o' tea. It just sounds like a lot of screaming and banging.

We went back and forth and we finally agreed to a classic Aerosmith hit.

M's been a fan of Aerosmith for a long time and actually talked me into going to one of their concerts. I have to admit I am not a fan, but seeing them play live gave me a whole new appreciation for the band. That Steve Tyler is a maniac and M thinks that Joe Perry is HOT! (personally I don't get it, but hey - whatever)

SO for this week's SPICE song we have picked Crazy by Aerosmith.

Have a happy and Safe Memorial weekend all and please don't forget those who have served and have sacrificed their lives for our country.



The Village Carpenter said...

I love Aerosmith. Just heard "Tell Me What It Takes" on the radio yesterday--another great song!

the only daughter said...

Not at all familiar with Aerosmith (with possibly one or two exceptions). Daughter didn't know the song (per se) but could tell me (from another room) who was in the video.

I like this song though.

Maria said...

Um..isn't that his DAUGHTER in that video?? I found that sort of...well...creepy.

Poetikat said...

So Alicia Silverstone did a few videos for Aerosmith then? I always loved "Dream On". (Oh, that takes me back).


Speaking of which, the latest Blast is up for your enjoyment.

Shazza said...

Maria - Neil Sedaka singing with his daughter "I should have never let her go" with his daughter is down right creepy!!!

Kat - yes..."Dream on" is a classic!

neetzy said...

Steve Tyler's daughter Live is the dark haired girl. She was Arwen in Lord of the Rings. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I didn't totally follow the story line in the video so I'm not totally creeped out. You can read a lot into those things.