Thursday, May 28, 2009


I ran out of ambien so I tossed and turned until I finally just got up and came downstairs so I would not wake M up.

I took stupid Facebook quizzes to let me know what my Stripper name is: Lacey Tickleheaven

My Naughty Elf name: Pirate Elf (???)

My Hobbit name: Belladonna Puddifoot ( I love this one)

I took the Random Survey for the Bored (I won't bore you with the results)

What my job in heaven will be: Placing drops of dew on fresh grass on foggy mornings (wtf?)

AND I found out how feminine I was or more approprietely am not but they advised me to wear more dresses and that will help.

Uh huh...sure.

After that I played some mind numbing computer game.

After that I was trying to look up some of my Irish family history on the Internet and then finally around 4:00 AM I decided I'll try to get some sleep.

I got to feeling a little floaty...then started drifting off and then I fell right off a cliff or something and jolted right back awake again.

I hate that!

When my kids were babies and I would watch them sleep you could kind of tell when they were dreaming. Every once in a while their little arms and legs would stiffen straight out from their bodies, their eyes would open wide, they'd give out a little whimper and then fall limp and right back to sleep.

Is this what they mean by falling asleep?


Maria said...

I have seldom been bothered by insomnia. Mostly, I cannot get ENOUGH sleep. I could go to bed at 8 every night and be just fine. Sometimes I confess, that I go to bed at 10 and sleep until !0 on the weekends. So, yes, TWELVE hours of sleep!

Shazza said...

Maria - consider yourself very lucky!

neetzy said...

Oooh. I have to take the hobbit name survey.

I tend to get insomnia when I'm not teaching. Teaching wears me out. I do a lot of reading when I can't sleep.