Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random throughts

I don't like parking lot stalkers and I take my time when I know someone is trying to get my spot just because I'm like that!

Why do people who are in their car try to have conversations with other people in a different car at a busy intersection when the light turns green?

And last but not least, let's talk about "Tea bagging" shall we?

Do we all know what "tea bagging" is slang for? If you don't please click here! Tea-bagging

Ok - now that you have the definition let's talk about a Libertarian group calling themselves the "Boston Tea Party" who have started noise about hosting a Tea Party on April 15th to protest the the current administration's American Recover and Reinvestment Act aka the stimulus bill.

So what you can do is "tea bag" Obama, or "tea bag" any other politician who approved of the stimulus plan and we can have a mass "tea bagging" party going on all over the US!

And they thought Bill Clinton was a naughty boy!

Here is a fun little segment from one of my favorite TV personalities Rachel Maddow to give you a little more about the event!


Poetikat said...

F-in-C? Tea-bagging? Did I hear that correctly?

I think I'm leaning more towards a cup of Joe now.

Don't these people know what they are saying? Are they all unaware of the terminology? next thing they'll be suggesting "Golden Showers" to follow their tea-parties!


Shazza said...

HA! I don't know how Rachel managed to get through that segment without cracking up more than she did. I was laughing my ass off watching it!

Perhaps a little "tossed salad" while they are tea bagging as well!

Poetikat said...

That's a new one on me, but I will never toss a salad again without thinking of that. Eww! Think I'll stick to a vinaigrette, rather than Ranch!


neetzy said...


Hilarious! Rachel was having a hard time, but Ms. Cox's comments were perfect. How she did this with a straight face? I have no idea!

the only daughter said...

I've seen that Rachel segment a few times now and how they were able to get through it farily intacct is beyond me.


Presbyfruit said...

eww. tossed salad.