Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha!

M and I went to a book sale a few weeks ago. It was a warehouse sale where paperbacks were $2 and hardcover books were $5. All of the proceeds went to charity - which was pretty cool.

The books were in order by ISBN # which when you are looking at a warehouse full of books does not help you if you are trying to find something specific. So we took our time and just browsed through the covers looking for authors we knew or titles that seemed interesting. It was a bit overwhelming but fun as well.

I found a few photography books and some fiction to read. M found a few thrillers I think, but the gem of the bunch was this:

Is Martha Stuart Living? is a parody on Martha Stewart Living and it's hilarious.

As you can see by the cover there are articles for "Making water from scratch" or "collecting glue guns".

Neetzy got the most joy from an article about making your own condoms out of sheep intestines! I don't think I've heard my sister laugh so hard in my entire life!!! She seemed to get the most enjoyment when Martha wrote about "stalking, slaying, bleeding and eviscerating the animal". And if you have any leftover membrane you can use it for a nice lamb kielbasa!!!

There are even some wonderful illustrations showing Martha with the sheep intestine and a zucchini. She even adds a nice romantic touch by stenciling a winged cupid on the side.

How sweet!

We have a weird sense of humor in our family!!!

The magazine has many helpful tips and recipes, but one recipe Neetzy and I decided that it just had to be posted for our mighty blighty buddy Dive over at Small Glass Planet.

I myself am culinarily challenged and my apologies to both Dive and Scout over at Just Sayin' to inform you that although I do like "real' cheese I made mac and cheese for Easter dinner using...you guessed it...VELVEETA!!!

It was delicious!

Anyway - I digress.

Inspired by Dives famous "What's cooking with Dive?" series I wanted to share this recipe with you all.

If you haven't read any of his cooking posts, check out: Tentacular Shenigans or Οκταποδι Κρασατο .

He's an adventurous gent our Dive is and loves all things squishy and rubbery.

Here is one dish that I think would be even too adventurous for you my friend!

Bon appetit!

(check out the garnish on this dish - is it not gorgeous or what?)

So don't delay! Run out and get your copy of "Is Martha Stuart Living?" today!


the only daughter said...

Ewww. LOL

dive said...

I have SO gotta make me that calamari gelato, Shazza!

Totally awesome! Thank you so much for that.

neetzy said...

Heehee. I knew Dive would like it!