Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weird connections

Natasha Richardson passed away yesterday - blunt force trama to the head from a skiing accident.

Another life gone way too early. She was 45.

I am 45.

It made me pause a bit and think about my life.

The weird connection I made was that Natasha Richardson and her mother Vanessa Redgrave appeared together in a performance of "A Little Night Music" in October of 2008.

I've never seen "A Little Night Music" but it was one of my Mom's favorite musicals. She used to play the album all of the time and from her listening I learned many of the songs from the show.

Some of my favorite songs: "You Must Meet My Wife" and "A Weekend in the Country". I remember my Mom singing those songs along with the album. She used to ask me to put the album on when my Dad was out of the house. She didn't know how to work the stereo too well so I was always there to help her.

I am smiling at the memory and I hope Natasha's family has the memories to carry them through this difficult time.