Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun week!

It started off on Sunday night listening to the sounds of first one dog throwing up all over our carpet and then the second dog throwing up all over our carpet.

Ever 30 minutes they threw up from 7:00 PM Sunday night until 7:00 AM Monday morning. I didn't get much sleep as you can imagine.

As soon as I thought they were going to hurl again I picked them up and tried to get them outside - but I didn't always get the timing quite right.

We took them to the vet on Monday morning and we can narrow the cause down to perhaps a can of food they ate on Sunday night - since that is when the hurlfest started. He gave them a shot and some meds and put them on a bland diet.

To see two very lively little dogs just laying about sleeping and barely responding to their names is heartbreaking but I am glad to report they are finally on the mend.

This is Casey - in all his glory!

And Corky the best little dog in the world!

Casey started eating again yesterday, Corky not until tonight - finally. Their last meal was Sunday night!

With that crisis over I can finally relax.

I did have a good conference call with a potential new job on Wednesday and a wonderful e-mail from my former T&F Big Cheese giving me words of encouragement. Tomorrow I get to volunteer at an alpaca farm - so the week is ending on a good note for sure!

Here are some of my new alpaca friends:

I don't remember this gal's name, but I love her color.

That's me with the little plastic booties on - so I don't bring any "parasites" with me.

This is a cria (baby alpaca) letting us inspect him. He's a handsome little guy isn't he?

With all this time off you would think I would be blogging a lot more but the opposite has been true and the reason has been I just haven't felt like it and I haven't really had anything to say.

I hope to get back into it again soon.

Hope you all are well land I'll be visiting everyone again soon!

Take care!


Tammy said...

Glad to hear the boys are feeling better. Its so hard when the kids get sick and they can't talk to you to let you know what they need. Loved the alpaca pictures, what interesting creatures.

dive said...

So pleased to hear the little guys are on the mend, Shazza.
And yay for volunteer work; you'll be an alpaca farmer yet.

the only daughter said...

Me too, glad to hear the pups are on the mend.

The alpacas look so sweet.

neetzy said...

Poor little guys. I hope they are up to no good again soon.

BTW there is an alpaca farm up for sale out here!

Lulubelle B said...

Glad to hear the boys are getting better. Casey looks sooo relaxed, and Corkie is very handsome.

The Village Carpenter said...

I love that shot of Casey! Glad to hear they are both on the mend. That baby alpaca--what a cutie!