Wednesday, February 04, 2009


For someone who has a blog called: Random thoughts, it occurred to me I haven't had a post about that in a while. it goes:

I saw 2 news casts today about "phenoms". One was a kid who broke the worlds record at Guitar Hero

And the other was a 1st grader named Brett Sodetz who is a golf prodigy:

My thoughts, and this is probably really mean, but who cares?

Maybe the kids parents obviously, but is this really newsworthy or is this just the "the real news is so freakin' depressing let's throw a little something else in there" story?

Alright - let me confess, I put my dinner on hold just so I could watch BOTH of these stories so obviously I care.

Guitar Hero befuddles me. I have never played it only because I'm not that big on video games anymore and I've never had the opportunity, but people who HAVE played it say it is awesome.

I played a little guitar when I was younger and, believe it or not, I actually taught lessons to kids who were just learning. (Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method #1). FOR MONEY!


I think my son has my guitar somewhere. It's a Suzuki 3S and that's all I remember about it. I just remember when I was trying out guitars to buy I just loved the sound that came out and that is what made me buy it. I put a down payment on it and the owner of the music store let me teach little kids Med Bay's beginner book for $6 an hour. $5 for paying off my guitar and $1 to me.

Those were the days when you could make arrangements like that.

Maybe I'll take it up again someday.

Doubt it though.

The guitar is still my most very favorite instrument and a good Spanish Guitar can still make me weak in the knees.

God, look at those fingers!!!(That's how I learned by the way - classical style)

Dive you up to that challenge? ;)

Ok...never mind!

Let's go on to the next subject - the mini golfer Brett Sodetz. Did you see the swing on that kid?

He's in 1st Grade!

1st GRADE!

Geez, the only thing I was good at in 1st grade was coloring in the lines.


Well, I know it's not really "news" but I am a sucker for those feel good stories every time.

If I were the parents of those kids I'd be sending the link to those videos to everyone I know!


neetzy said...

I could not color in the lines. The nuns thought I was a demon child.

dive said...

Sheesh! The news sure has dumbed down, Shazza.
I've never played "Guitar Hero", but I've stood in front of twenty-five thousand people (more at festivals), cranked up my Les Paul and watched 'em go apeshit many a time in my youth so I don't feel I have to.
I'm up for a jam if ever you're over in Blighty, though. Just let me know you're coming and I'll book the studio.

the only daughter said...

I work with a bunch of (well, actually only 2 now) guitar players and while impressive, I'm more wowed by piano players. But guitar, yeah, yum.

I dabbled in both in my youth.


Human interest stories, feel good tales I can get with. That gossipy crap...JS's weight? That? I turn off, away from, in a beat.

Maria said...

My partner plays guitar beautifully and is also a music teacher in a high school. She says that the time kids invest in guitar hero...if they put that time in to actually learning, they could all be experts.

Presbyfruit said...

Damn, Isbin is sexy!

Shazza said...

Neetzy - anyone who is brilliant in art like you would be a demon to the nuns...they just don't get it.

Dive - You are one man, and take this as a compliment - who can make me weak in the knees with his gutar. I wish I remembered more than three chords anymore.

Deb - pianos are beautiful too, but the guitar is just one instrument that touched my soul since I was a little girl. so much. Although the LPGA does have some high points! ;)

Maria - I would love to hear your partner play anytime!

Presby - My Dad introduced me to Sharon Isbin many years ago...she is HOT! And those fingers...oh my!