Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Things

I've been tagged on Facebook to do this so I thought I would do it here too:

25 Useless things you didn't know about me until now:

1. I'm co-dependent (who isn't)

2. I'm bi-polar

3. I can't sleep without my ambien

4. I have sleep apnea (mild, but I still have to sleep in a "machine" on my face.

5. I'm left handed - no one else in my family is

6. I have type 0- blood - no one else in my family is

7. If I didn't look so much like the rest of the family I would think I was switched at birth.

8. I wish I never started coloring my hair and just let it go white.

9. I have far too many filings in my teeth.

10. I lost at truth or dare and had to streak around my friend Brenda's house in the middle of the night.

11. People fascinate me endlessly

12. I am sitting here in my "office" which is in my basement making cold calls and I absolutely HATE it.

13. Thanks to my Irish/English heritage I have to get my chin hairs zapped on a regular basis.

14. Someday I want to live somewhere else besides the state of NJ.

15. I puked behind a grave stone after drinking gin and then felt guilt for desecrating a grave.

16. Death fascinates me and I'm not really afraid of it, but I am curious about why other people are.

17. Life on the other hand scares the crap out of me most days.

18. I have the "Harrison" toenail on my pinky toe.

19. I have only lived alone for about 2 months in my entire life.

20. After reading Dive's list of things I realized I need to clean my belly button.

21. Alpacas are my newest obsession.

22. When I was a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist so that I could explore the ocean with Jacques Cousteau.

23. I like the taste of Robitussin

24. I cannot understand why anyone would eat beets - they are disgusting.

25. Out of all of the things I wish I could do, I always wanted to sing so that people would stop to listen to me.


dive said...

Beets are yummy, Shazza!
So is Robitussin; I'm with you on that one!
Also the not afraid of death but life scares the crap out of me thing, too.
As for your belly button, I am sure it's sparkly clean.

Poetikat said...

I'm with Dive - I love beets!

Shazz- You have the Harrison trait and I have the Harris traits - long second toes, widow's peak (what's that other one?) Can't remember - I'll have to get on the phone to my cousin, Janis - she's got them too!

I don't have those chin hairs - but I do have nose hairs (does that count)?

I like the taste of Robitussin, but have you ever tried Buckley's Mixture? Don't!


P.S. Did you get the e-mail with the video link?

the only daughter said...

I'm with you, beets are beyond nasty, they're narsty. yuck.

Cool deets.

neetzy said...

I'm with Dive and Poetikat on the beets. I do kind of like Robitussin. I don't have the Harrison toe or the chin hair. I do have the Harrison height (or lack thereof).